Driving and Alcohol

  BT 08:14 06 Nov 2009

Just shows that Driving and Alcohol don't mix

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What a waste :-(

  Ford Prefect 01 09:36 06 Nov 2009

Is the Russian drink drive campaign now, don't drink and drive, you may spill some?

  rdave13 09:51 06 Nov 2009

Does this show a weakness in the type of tubular shelving all factories use? The fork lift reversed into one upright and all came tumbling down. Very lucky no-one was killed.

  Quickbeam 10:51 06 Nov 2009

I would've thought that the racking should be able to have withstood what was a pretty minor collision.

  BRYNIT 13:03 06 Nov 2009

I could be wrong but having a closer look the racking was just a free standing frame not fixed and no shelving to make it rigid. The angle iron was too thin for the intended weight and they used the wood pallets as shelving. With the amount of weight at the top I'm apprised it hadn't happened before. I don't think this type of shelving would be used in the UK these days.

  Colin 13:30 06 Nov 2009

"The crash destroyed £100,000 worth of alcohol."

Another media hyped figure. Do they think that every single bottle broke? From looking at the video, quite a few would have remained intact.

  gengiscant 13:37 06 Nov 2009

Oh definitely media hype,no doubt the figure would have include all the bottles that were, how shall I put it, relocated to more personal storage facilities.

  wiz-king 13:48 06 Nov 2009

Hic - I had to Quality Control every bottle - just to check it was safe to drink - hic.

  wiz-king 17:58 07 Nov 2009

Only if the seal is unbroken!

  interzone55 20:22 07 Nov 2009

First thing I thought when I saw this is how badly built the racking must have been.

Our racking, which is rated at 15 tonnes a bay has 8 bolts on each leg, so 16 bolts per upright. Each upright is laced with cross spars and can withstand a collision at 20 miles per hour.

As fourm member says, we have the interfering eurocrats to thank for the H&S laws that prevent this kind of thing happening here, although I'm sure the Daily Mail will disagree, claiming it's our right to be injured at work if we want...

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