Drive Steadily

  ulrich 07:36 11 Mar 2007

Say the Department of Transport. I wonder how much this advise cost us. I seem to think I have heard it before.

  Forum Editor 09:37 11 Mar 2007

and I suppose good advice can always bear a bit of repetition.

I use the M25 fairly regularly, and every time I do I'm reminded of how close to an horrific accident we all are on these roads. Not a day passes that I don't see at least one looney who thinks the way to get where he's going (it's always a he) is to travel fast and weave in and out of the lanes, using the gaps which other, sensible drivers have left between their vehicles. Otherwise, another variety of looney travels about six feet from the back of your car, so you get that unpleasant sensation of being 'pushed'. It only takes a split second for that mix to turn into an accident, and I see them often.

All of these people would tell you they are 'real' drivers - experts, some of them would claim - but in fact they're mostly fools who haven't a clue how to drive in heavy, fast-moving traffic. The secret is to do exactly what the title of your thread steadily. You'll truly be able to claim to be a 'real' driver, and you'll stand a better chance of being alive to do the claiming.

  Stuartli 10:10 11 Mar 2007

I've noticed on trips down south that drivers in this part of the country seem to be far more aggressive overall than we northerners.

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:11 11 Mar 2007

I live down south and visit family up north and I think you are right.

  Forum Editor 16:39 11 Mar 2007

I think that's probably true to an extent, although I imagine that with today's extensive motorway system a good few of the drivers you see in the North are southerners, and a good few of the drivers I see on the M25 are northeners.

In defence of us southerners, let me add that we have a far greater traffic density in southern England, and as a consequence some of us might develop a more aggressive driving style. When I drive in Northern cities I'm always pleasantly surprised at how light the traffic is, compared to Greater London.

  Stuartli 16:52 11 Mar 2007

The M60 around Manchester is one of the busiest motorways in the country and the M6 has its fair share as well...:-)

I think the main problem with the M25 could be that there are just too many junctions on some stretches and many motorists hop on at one junction and come off at the next or second exit, rather than go on the local roads.

I'd probably do exactly the same thing.

  Forum Editor 17:14 11 Mar 2007

You're right, the M60 does carry heavy traffic loads, but in terms of billions of vehicle kilometres travelled the South East leaves all other regions of the UK standing.

In 2004 (the last set of statistics I've seen) the South East statistic for all roads was 86.6 billion vehicle kilometres, which was far in excess of the next busiest area - the East of England, with 55.1 billion.

The North East region was the lowest, with 19.1 billion (lower than Wales), and figures for the other two Northern regions were: North West 56.6 and Yorkshire and The Humber 41.6

I'm sure that agressive driving is a product of traffic density levels, rather than the area of the country in which you live. Northeners aren't less agressive than Southerners by default.

  oresome 20:33 11 Mar 2007

Northeners aren't less agressive than Southerners by default.

I think you'll find they are.

All the agressive ones migrated south to make their money, dissatisfied with the slow pace of life up north.

  Colin 21:05 11 Mar 2007

The Forum Editor wrote "(it's always a he)". These days I see just as many bad female drivers as male drivers. The old chestnut about bad female drivers no longer applies, we're all as good or as bad as each other. Having said that, I know some male drivers who can't accept being overtaken by a woman.

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