Drive to North Pole.

  Weskit 10:57 01 Aug 2007

I watched the recent programme about himself's drive to the North Pole but couldn't understand why the GPS display showed other than 0 - 0. I then read that in fact they went to the Magnetic North Pole. Perhaps this had been made clear earlier but if so I missed it. I would have thought that if one wanted to put all that risk and effort in, one would at least want to go to the real Pole, not one that wanders about.

  Si_L 11:31 01 Aug 2007

Are you referring to Top Gear?

  BryanR 11:59 01 Aug 2007

And it would have taken several days (weeks?) longer to reach the actual North Pole. Based on the location where Clarkson ended up, he was about 1269 km from the Geographical North Pole. The Magnetic North Pole is just off the coast of North America. click here for a google map (zoom out to see the northern tip of Canada).

  MichelleC 12:44 01 Aug 2007

I hope Clarkson drives to the South Pole next (and stays there).

  Weskit 13:33 01 Aug 2007

Didn't realise the Magnetic NP was so far away. Looked for it in my atlas without success. As it was, rather a pointless exercise.

Si_L The Top Gear chap, yes.

  Si_L 14:05 01 Aug 2007

The likelihood is that they, for safety or other reasons, couldn't go to true north. It was an entertaining show none the less.

  Stuartli 14:46 01 Aug 2007

Those of us who watch and love Top Gear quickly cottoned on to the fact that it was Magnetic North that was the North Pole involved.

As Magnetic North is constantly changing it's not possible to give an exact reference point.

The true North Pole was about 400 miles from where they were.

As most devotees know, Top Gear is well written and produced for its large worldwide audience and some of the pranks are hilarious and very entertaining.

Sad that the Daily Mail recently felt angry that the caravan fire was "faked" in an earlier programme, completely missing the running joke of this particular episode for a cheap jibe. See:

click here

If you read the comments at the end you'll get the gist.

  BryanR 15:15 01 Aug 2007

Apparently they took the 1996 position as their intended goal - hence my link to that exact reference point.

Weskit had already referred to the fact that the Magnetic North Pole "wanders about".


  Stuartli 15:44 01 Aug 2007

I watched the original screening a week ago last night - it still makes me smile to think about JC with the nut stuck to his lips and the convenient "hot" drink, plus the hamper goodies produced by the oh so droll May..:-)

One day the TG team is going to run out of ideas for such escapades, so we can only enjoy them whilst they last.

  BryanR 16:05 01 Aug 2007

Although I was a bit worried James May was going to stab himself in the hand when he was slicing the lemon for his G&T

  Belatucadrus 16:32 01 Aug 2007

The program was very entertaining and I've no time for the extreme eco freaks who were frothing at the mouth because of the nasty tyre tracks on all the pristine ice pack. But Clarkson as usual was talking such incredible bilge much of the time you wonder what planet he's from. He's so mind bendingly irritating I was hoping the bear would eat him.

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