Drink Driving/criminal record?

  Cara2 20:21 28 Oct 2007

My son has an opportunity to work abroad. He has to provide a criminal record.

The one conviction he does have is 'drink driving'. (Much too his shame and regret I might add).

Does this form part of a criminal record?


  Bingalau 20:25 28 Oct 2007

Is he going to work in Australia then?

  newman35 20:55 28 Oct 2007

Must say I had exactly the same thought!! (:-)

  badgery 21:00 28 Oct 2007

He could provide Una Paloma Blanca by Jonathon King - that should do it?

  Bingalau 21:01 28 Oct 2007

Cara2. Sorry, I think you have missed out a word or something. If he has to supply something to prove he hasn't got a criminal record, I can't see the one offence being too much of a problem. But of course I am no expert.

  Jak_1 21:20 28 Oct 2007

In short the answer is yes. Drink driving is a criminal offence and therefore needs to be stated as requested.

  bremner 22:04 28 Oct 2007

Drink driving is now a criminal record click here

  Cara2 22:10 28 Oct 2007

I am laughing...I see how my post read.

I will check out the link, thanks.


  tried 22:17 28 Oct 2007

Trouble is one slight error of judgement is picked up all over the world now with the data protection act! best thing is we all never ever do enything wrong?

  DrScott 22:20 28 Oct 2007

When applying for medical posts we have to declare all convictions, which also includes speeding offences. Not declaring will cause more problems than not declaring the offense.

  Cara2 22:27 28 Oct 2007

I have sent off for the pack to apply from my local police station (£10 for the eventual record - not bad really), so we shall see if it is included.

The employment opportunity is for a bank in Malta, so I am not sure whether it would be an issue or not.

Will have to wait and see.


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