The dreaded lurgi

  citadel 19:34 05 Jan 2009

Is there anyone who has not succumbed to some infection in the last few weeks, I have had a chest infection over the holidays and everywhere you go people are coughing. It must be down to global warming.

  tullie 19:46 05 Jan 2009

Its called flu.

  laurie53 19:59 05 Jan 2009

Even if there are people who have not yet had it, or similar, they are hardly going to tempt fate by broadcasting the fact!

  Grey Goo 20:11 05 Jan 2009

Don't know about Global warming but a good many infections have been spread by the disgusting General Public. These supposed adults make Slimer from Ghostbusters look a positive amateur when it comes to spreading a trail of mucus in their wake.

  Legolas 20:27 05 Jan 2009

Or should that be green goo ;))

In my office today everyone had or has some version of a cold/flu to various degrees, some had it over Christmas and some are just succumbing now. It seems to be very widespread. I escaped the worse of it although I am finding it hard to get rid of a sore throat and an annoying tickely cough.

  €dstowe 21:56 05 Jan 2009

Managed to avoid it all - until now.

Feeling dreadful. Throat feels like I'm chewing sandpaper, nose dry and painful waiting for the deluge of thick goo tomorrow. Cold then hot and sweaty.

Oh well, managed to keep colds away for about three or four years and knew it couldn't last.

  Bapou 23:07 05 Jan 2009

Had the anti flu jab for the first time five weeks ago, along with one for pneumonia.

Fingers crossed - so far, so good!

  DANZIG 23:29 05 Jan 2009

Developed this accursed plague on Saturday night. Spent Sunday coughing and spluttering and all day at work today, longing to get home and in front of the fire.

Still feel like hell now, but the glass of JD is helping.

  ronalddonald 23:30 05 Jan 2009

dont always work, when people get a chest infection they end up taking anti biotic s to fight it from the GP. There a lot of side effects from the flu jab and not enough research done yet. Also the temp outside is going into the minus so more likely to catch something.

Drink plenty of warm fluids that means water not beverages and try to get rest and try to take vitamin c. Lemon and lime freshly squeezed and warp up warmly if you need to go out.and don't forget the paracetamol for the temp. Most of all drink plenty of warm water that will help, even though it feels like struggling to drink water just drink it. Also drinking lucozade can also help when you don't feel like eating, and don't forget take soup tomatoes soup and chicken soup

  Forum Editor 23:32 05 Jan 2009

from a full-blown dose of the flu which laid me low for eight days in all, and believe me, this is one virus you don't want.

  ronalddonald 23:32 05 Jan 2009

any nurse who has to take the jab and they will tell you after they've taken the jab a couple of days later they come down with symptoms of the flu not a full blown flu just something in between.

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