The Dragons must be Kicking themselves

  jakimo 12:42 29 May 2009

for turning down the chance to invest in the British travel dog bowl invention,claiming it would never sell in the USA.

Well now the president has endorsed the bowl every American will probably want one whether they have a dog or not.

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  Quickbeam 13:11 29 May 2009

Not really. It is their money, and if they don't believe in the product or idea they shouldn't invest.

That doesn't mean to say they're always right though...

  JanetO 13:57 29 May 2009

I think The Dragons are a bunch of millionaires who are so spoiled they take no chances although others had to take risks with them when they were working their way to the top. They want sure-fire investments and take as much percentage-wise as they can. Sure, it's business. But that's the type of philosophy that has got the entire world into the financial mess we now have to deal with. Mercenary financial dealings by cut-throat 'entrepeneurs' might make them money, but souless, greedy money-grabbing dealing is not my cup of tea.

  Forum Editor 08:34 30 May 2009

have existed since time immemorial. They were the engines that drove the development of the great trading nations, and without them the world might be in an even bigger financial mess. Remove entrepreneurs from the mix and you'll end up with a stagnant economical situation from which risk has been virtually eliminated - just take a look at what happened in China and the former USSR if you have any doubts.

The Dragons' den crew are in a TV programme, they aren't foolproof, any more than a million other successful people are foolproof. When they make an error of judgement we all know about it, that's all.

  Brumas 09:56 30 May 2009

What a let-down - I thought this would be about the Catalan Dragons new training methods ;o)

  JanetO 09:19 31 May 2009

I was of course referring to The Dragons and their ilk as they were the subject-matter. To me there is an obvious distinction to be drawn between the greats like your Lakers, Bransons, Dell, Gates, Chris Evans, Anita Roddick, Tom Bloxham; and The Dragons, or even Michael O'Leary for that matter.

I can find no great benefit in this type of crash tv where the Dragons take great delight in publically humiliating would-be entrepreneurs and make the business conditions vertually one-sided in their own favour.

  Forum Editor 09:36 31 May 2009

are perfectly well aware that they're in for a rough ride when they appear on Dragon's den. One of my son's friends appeared on the show, and was absolutely caned by the Dragons; he says he was warned that it might happen, and he was quite happy to take the chance.

I personally dislike the show, but I understand the producers' rationale.

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