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  donki 16:34 26 Apr 2007

Ok before everyone starts shouting I just want to ask 1 question. Is downloding tv shows aired in the US illegal? I dont think this has been covered before......

  interzone55 16:36 26 Apr 2007

In a word - Yes.

If a TV show has only been shown in the US it is only licensed for that territory.

  donki 16:42 26 Apr 2007

Ah ok, so downloading past episodes which have aired in the UK is fine? Its for my own viewing and not about to sell or distribute.

  Kate B 16:43 26 Apr 2007

No, it's not OK because you're denying the owners of the content their fees.

  donki 16:45 26 Apr 2007

What do you mean Kate, i dont understand? If I had recorded the episode on Sky+ id be able to watch it back, Y is downloading different? Sorry to b a pain, just i missed an episode of Greys Anatomy and im gutted :P

  Kate B 16:50 26 Apr 2007

The material is copyright, which means that everyone involved in it is entitled to a fee from its broadcast, from the writer and director to the actors and musicians. The copyright fee paid by the broadcaster - ie the BBC or whoever - covers its broadcast of the programme, not any further broadcasts. So downloading it via a torrent is still illegal. I think technically even recording it via Sky+ or similar could be in breach of copyright, but I suspect royalties are calculated to include that kind of use of the programme. But uploading a torrent technically constitutes another broadcast of it.

  al7478 16:54 26 Apr 2007

it cost £10 pcm to use the recording facility of sky plus anyway, so that may cover it. but back in the days of vhs recording, and now we have dvd recorders, no one gets paid every time you watch these copies. Still illegal?

  Kate B 16:55 26 Apr 2007

Yup, technically, I think, especially if you have your mates round for a DVDfest as that counts as a public performance. But don't quote me on this, I'm unsure about the law relating to private recordings.

  Flak999 17:10 26 Apr 2007

If you have missed an episode of your favourite show and you desperately want to see it. If it is available as a torrent then download it and view it!

If it is for your own personal use, in my view it is no different to recording it from the TV! If you intended to distribute it then that is a different matter.

If recording it via sky is technically illegal then why do sky make it possible?

Just another one of those cases where the law is an ass I'm afraid!

I'm sure that all of the self righteous people that make such a song and dance about this issue have never broken the word or spirit of the law on this matter, have they?!

  Kate B 17:19 26 Apr 2007

The law is an ass on many things. Doesn't make it right to ignore it, though of course many do on many things.

  Flak999 17:21 26 Apr 2007

Should have addressed that last post to donki, sorry!

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