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  powerless 16:55 04 Sep 2004

I've just bought my errr third piece of software over the internet, but it will not be arriving in the post instead I was given a download link to the lastest version and had the product key emailed to me.

My first was Newsgator click here [although i did request the CD as well]

Second was winiso click here took about 15 minutes from ordering to a fully registered product.

Last but not least was ultraiso click here and again took about 15 mins from ordering to a fully registered product.

Looking back at what I have purchased over the net all i'm missing out on is a box full of art work, A fancy CD, a manual and a few bits of paper.

What do you prefer downloading or buying all the packaging?

  Valvegrid 17:15 04 Sep 2004

I bought my Xandros off the Internet as an ISO file because it was cheaper and available quicker. The manual is about 300 pages, which costs $24 to buy, or free to download. Also purchased Opera the other day, don't know why I didn't buy it sooner.

I honestly can't see the point in ordering software over the Internet to be delivered in a pretty box, when its more cost effective to download, it if its available.

  Belatucadrus 17:17 04 Sep 2004

If the packaging includes a half way decent user manual, no contest, I hate reading pdfs ! Printing them is less of an issue now I have a laser printer, but I'd still rather not have to.

  Old Shep 19:18 04 Sep 2004

All those cd boxes and manuals clutter up the room. Much rather download especially as I now have broadband.

Don't want to interupt your thread but can I ask Valvegrid what the difference is with the purchased Opera rather than the free one that I use.

  Dorsai 19:35 04 Sep 2004

I guess that these days with BB connections, the need for a copy on disk is not required for most software.

Obviously you will need a CD for your OS and any device specific drivers, but once the PC is up and running enough to connect to the WWW, the other CD's arn't really that important.

Apart from the obvious need to keep a hard copy of any product keys/licence numbers etc. needed to re-install software after a crash or re-format.

then there is the fact that a downloaded copy is more environmentally friendly, in many ways.

If it's cheaper to boot, i'm not going to disagree.

  Valvegrid 19:41 04 Sep 2004

Powerless, I hope you don't mind me borrowing your thread quickly to answer Old Shep.

For a start, it gets rid of that advert that can be quite distracting at times. Also it gives more room on the top tool bar, therefore you can put some of the tools were the advert used to be and at the same time it increases the viewable area.

This is what it looks like:

click here

I have added a different skin as well.

  Old Shep 20:29 04 Sep 2004

Thank you very much - will now buy it.

  JYPX 23:09 04 Sep 2004

I would allways download - at the lowest possible price. Dollars or Euros - not an issue. I will never forget going into pcworld many years ago and paying £30 for Uninstaller 4. I have no idea what I expected to be in the (large) box but I do know that I was gutted when I took out the 2 x Floppy discs.

  Charence 23:30 04 Sep 2004

My last purchased software was on the internet and I downloaded it. The process was quite quick and installed it with no problems. I have not backed up the exe file yet so it means that I risk losing the program and possibly the e-mail with download link and installation key.

The software I bought was Kerio Firewall, and I wanted it to be installed as quick as possible so downloading would've been a lot quicker than waiting for a parcel. But some other types of programs may come with large glossy manuals which are much better than the pdf equivalents and also buying online would be cheaper than buying at a store.

I prefer downloading

As a matter of interest, what if the software you have downloaded doesn't work on your computer,or is incompatible.A lot of retailers,including P.C World, will happily exchange or credit the software on return of the packaging and disc.You can hardly do that with a downloaded software file; or can you?

  stalion 19:04 05 Sep 2004

Downloaded mydvd on the net, also paid a small fee to download it again should the need arise over the next two years.No problems and will go for the download anytime saves all that waiting around for the post

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