Double/Multi Postings

  User-B4AC5E45-C5DF-44A7-80B2B7B8113A6C82 22:53 07 Nov 2010

I was under the impression that, once started, threads were not deleted?, guess I misread a reply to Ella.

  Woolwell 22:56 07 Nov 2010

It hasn't been deleted but it has been moved to Helproom.

Thanks, but why did YOU have to tell me?

Actually I was just watching as the post count fell while double posts were eliminated

  Forum Editor 23:32 07 Nov 2010

I told you, in the thread. You posted your thread in the wrong forum section, and I moved it. My post telling you that would have generated an email, so you would know. It happens all the time.

It didn't Generate an Email, I'm not THAT stupid.

You may well have generated a generic "new reply to your thread" not really the sames as an email advising the move.

  Forum Editor 23:48 07 Nov 2010

advising of thread movements. I must move a thread at least once every day, and as far as I can recall I have only ever seen two or three people ask what has happened.

Your thread is in the Helproom, as Woolwell pointed out.

I don't ask for an individual email, you do what you have to, maybe I am the 4th person.

My emails come in on a different computer, so while I am on one Forum I may get a notification on the other Computer that I have received notification of a reply to PCA - normally it is about the current forum that I am monitoring.

I thank Woolwell for for his courtesy.

  lotvic 23:59 07 Nov 2010

You must have (unticked the box) chosen the option to not to receive email notifications if you don't get an email when someone posts to your thread.
There is a little box at the bottom when you start a new Thread, it is ticked by default to notify you by email if someone responds to your Thread.

  Forum Editor 00:07 08 Nov 2010

and it can sometimes be a little confusing.

If you post in the wrong forum area your thread will be moved, and an email will be generated - at least it will if you haven't deselected the option to receive these update messages each time there's an addition to your thread.

I didn't think you were stupid, by the way.

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