Double glazed window replacements

  rickf 22:03 03 Aug 2010

Do you need building regulations certificate to fit 4 double-glazed windows as replacements for ones which are very old? House is not a listed building. Just wanting confirmation from those here in the know. I believe building regulations cert. is not not needed. Can anyone confirm??

  Woolwell 22:07 03 Aug 2010

Think you do click here

I know solicitors always ask to see either Fensa or Building reg approval for your double glazing when you sell.

  rickf 22:18 03 Aug 2010

Thanks Woolwell. I actually amde the question simple.
The real advice I nedd is this. In 2006 I got a builder to replaced four wooden frame windows which were beginning to show signs of rot with double glazed ones. Being ignorant I did not knoe anyhting about FENSA. I am at the last stages of selling my place and buyers solicitors, exchanging this wk, have raised this question. Any suggestions as to how I might be able to correct this.

  rickf 22:18 03 Aug 2010

sorry, lots of typos. in a bit of a rush

  Woolwell 22:28 03 Aug 2010

The builder should have supplied building reg approval (he should have known). However they sometimes don't do it (either get approval or supply the form). I had this problem a couple of years ago. You need to speak to your solicitor/conveyancer and explain the problem. The purchaser may accept it but you may have to get indemnity insurance or get retrospective approval.
Hope it doesn't delay the exchange.

  Woolwell 22:33 03 Aug 2010

Buyer's solicitor and possibly your own should have picked this up earlier. Part of the forms you have to complete ask whether you have had any replacement windows and do you have FENSA/Building reg approval.

  lotvic 22:37 03 Aug 2010

The buyer prob won't mind no certificate, solitior/conveyancer may suggest indemnity insurance - costs about £30.
It's very common for certificates not to be available.

  rickf 22:46 03 Aug 2010

Thanks everyone. What a relief!! I thought I was in deep S.... here

  Forum Editor 22:49 03 Aug 2010

the approval of your local authority's building control department, unless the installer is registered under the FENSA self-certification scheme.

Don't worry too much about this - you can always obtain a retrospective certificate, provided you are able to demonstrate that:

1. The replacements achieve a U-value of 2.0 W/m2k for PVC or timber frames, or 2.2 W/m2k for metal frames.

2. Glazing within critical locations has been replaced with safety glass.

3. Existing measures for background and natural ventilation were retained.

4. Existing measures for means of escape from relevant rooms were retained. (If the window pattern is changed this may affect means of escape).

5. Open flue appliances affected by the window/door replacement were checked for adequacy of combustion air supply by a suitably qualified person.

6. If necessary, a suitable means of support was provided above the replacement windows.

For further advice give your local building control department a call, and ask to speak to a building inspector - the best time to call is always between 9:00 and 9:30 a.m. and after 3:00 p.m. The inspectors will be out doing site visits at other times.


  rickf 23:00 03 Aug 2010

Thanks forum editor. The buyer's solicitor has suggested they'll accept an indmnity insurance policy. I think I'll go for that so as not to slow down exchange and completion

  Simsy 17:49 04 Aug 2010

It's important to note...That the FENSA certification refers to the quality of the installation, not the quality of the Windows..., (ie the windows may be of suitable quality/specification, but the installation inadequate!)

"you can always obtain a retrospective certificate" is not true. Often you can, but not always!

And a FENSA certificate is NOT a REQUIREMENT when buying/selling a property; useful indeed, but not a legal requirement.

I don't have all the details in my head, but my wife works in the industry, and spends most of her working day dealing with FENSA issues. I get the flack of an evening when she's had a particularly bad day dealing with folk who have misunderstandings, and as a result have picked up enough to be sure of my first 2 paragraphs!



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