dot com ?

  do-gull 21:19 22 Jan 2007

Is there a difference between a dot com and a
dot co dot uk address?

  SANTOS7 21:24 22 Jan 2007

Only if it's dot cottons..

  SANTOS7 21:26 22 Jan 2007

click here
sorry do-gull the link may clarify a few things for you,good luck..

  namtas 21:32 22 Jan 2007

You may want to try a search. It is very easy and possibly more rewarding to find the answer for yourself try typing " and" into google

However if you have a problem
click here

  do-gull 21:46 22 Jan 2007

Tried the google search but....... no luck
May be I did not type the correct phrase in.



  rodriguez 22:43 22 Jan 2007 addresses show that the site is from the UK, and these are usually cheaper to run. They can also be used if a domain name has already been registered as .com (a good example is takes your to an American PC magazine and takes you to the PC World stores in the UK). You can usually work out where a site is coming from as they usually use the country's initials (in that country's language). Some others include:

.fr = France
.de = Germany
.nl = Netherlands
.es = Spain
.it = Italy = Australia
.nz = New Zealand

Also, governments and organisations have the special .org and .gov domains.

  Forum Editor 23:50 22 Jan 2007

is that .com domain names were originally intended to indicate that a site was a commercial one (hence the 'com'), based in America. Unlike most other countries, America originally had no distinct national top-level domain, and originally (in 1985) there were only six generic top levels:-







The situation became incredibly complex as the internet really got going, and there was an increased demand for names, and I'm not going to bore you with a lecture on the development of the naming conventions. America now has its own top-level suffix (.us), and most other countries have theirs. In the UK we have, and obviously that indicates that a site is based in the UK.

The .com top level became the most desirable during the period now known as the 'dotcom boom' and it became accpetable for anyone to register a name in that level, whether they were based in America or not, and whether or not the name was used for commercial purposes. In truth, pretty well all meaningful .com names were registered long ago, and you'll be pressed to find many in the level. Europe now has its own top level (.eu) and these names have become much sought after - there was a mad scramble to register in the level when it was opened for registration in 2006.

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