Don't use a tea towel

  interzone55 16:23 17 Dec 2008

After years of advising people to use a damp tea towel to extinguish a chip pan fire the government have now decided that it's best to get out of the house and let the fire brigade put the fire out.

It seems than more people were injured burning themselves putting the fires out than by the fires themselves (if that makes sense).

A study also found out that 30% of chip pan fires happened between 10pm & 4am, caused by men under the effects of alcohol.

So surely the advice should be, don't cook chips after a skin full...

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  Clapton is God 16:26 17 Dec 2008

"it's best to get out of the house and let the fire brigade put the fire out"

When they eventually turn up.

It will be interesting to see what the insurance industry has to say about this if we're now being told to (effectively) let the bloody house burn down.

  Cymro. 16:37 17 Dec 2008

When my kids were at university and that is about ten years ago now, many of the landlords had a ban on having a chip-pan in the flat to start with.

Such student landlords don`t have a very good reputation but that was one good rule they had whatever else they did or did not do.

  ronalddonald 19:20 17 Dec 2008

and if i see a chip pan fire i put it out myself. Back in 1984 my mother was making chips and we had the pan caught fire, and i did exactly as i was taught at school get dish cloth wring it with water and cover the chip pan an it worked.

I would say exactly forum member quoted don't cook while your drunk.

Cook while your not drunk and capable of cooking. Even if today i saw a chip pan fire toss to the government i take it on any time.

Its the Governments fault teaching people its ok to drink in moderation when people don't understand what is moderation. There is a load of cobs wallops taught to people in this day and age which is pretty irresponsible ie drinking.

  ronalddonald 19:23 17 Dec 2008

one more thing the government doesn't take responsibility for you. You'e got to take your own responsibility in life and everything you do the one mistake the government fails to teach all people.

  Belatucadrus 20:03 17 Dec 2008

With the best will in the world, being a country type located some miles from the nearest fire station if we waited for them. All we'd get to do is join them warming their hands over the glowing embers of the house. Hence we will continue to fight the fire to the best of our ability before they get here using fire extinguishers, damp towels, hoses whatever it takes.

  AL47 20:41 17 Dec 2008

i had a bad experience one time, my house mate, [whilst at uni and she was drunk] thought it would be funny to put alcohol on the pan, it wasnt funny, i took the thing out the back door, needless to say others didnt find it funny either

  laurie53 20:57 17 Dec 2008

When I was teaching fire safety I always used to say don't use the tea towel method unless you've been to one of the fire services demos (or the one I was about to give1) and had a go, and feel confident.

I also always used to say if you feel really confident use just one fire extinguisher and then get out.

The thing that always took people by surprise was how long extinguisher lasted, or didn't last.

The biggest water ones might last for three minutes, the smaller gas type about 30 seconds.

By that time either you or the fire should be out.

  Kev.Ifty 21:02 17 Dec 2008


Woah... Almost went and cancelled the Nativity play then!


  carver 21:50 17 Dec 2008

You can't have seen what happens if you use a fire extinguisher on a chip pan, never mind a water based one, the last thing you do is use one on a fire based on cooking oil.

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Advice from Fire Service

•If there are flames, never throw water over the pan. It will explode.

Use any sort of fire extinguisher and all it will do is spread the flames.

I'm just glad you never taught fire safety to me.

  interzone55 22:07 17 Dec 2008

I think laurie53 was making a separate point regarding fire extinguishers, as he did point out he taught fire safety.

Mind you I once saw demonstration of what can happen when using water on a fuel fire, a fire officer fired a water hose at a bucket of burning petrol and the result was quite spectacular...

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