Dont panic, dont panic

  The Brigadier 15:42 20 Dec 2006

OK if you count today it's 4 & a bit days till the big day, but if you go to a supermarket it's like the shops will be closed for weeks and not just 2 days! People effing & blinding to get there trolley through a gap 7" inches wide, a mass scramble for fresh veg, like it's going out of fashion, nightmare to park & above all buying enough stock to feed a small army!

OK moan over!

  Brumas 15:48 20 Dec 2006

Does Cpl. Jones know that you have pinched his oft-said, panic stricken plea to Mr Mainwaring?


  Graham. 15:49 20 Dec 2006

Morrisons are limiting bread to 6 loaves per customer. Who do you turn to? Who can you get in touch with?

  Sethhaniel 15:58 20 Dec 2006

get five fishes to go with it

andd feed the throng ;)

1 loaf will do me for the fortnight ;)

  Kate B 16:14 20 Dec 2006

*has not finished shopping*
*has not written cards*
*has not wrapped anything*
*has missed last post*
*has not yet delivered niece's birthday present from last week*
*has job interview tomorrow*
*is working Friday*

*in deep panic*

  Brumas 16:19 20 Dec 2006

*in deep doo-doo*

  Kate B 16:24 20 Dec 2006

*shouting with laughter* Spot-on, Brumas!

  rodriguez 16:29 20 Dec 2006

You sound busy Kate. :-P So far I've:

*bought all presents*
*not yet written cards*
*wrapped presents*
*not yet bought the 3 crates of beer from Asda for £22*
*applied for that IT technician job in the school*
*watched Watchdog that I taped last night while I was out*
*now watching Deal or No Deal*

  The Brigadier 17:17 20 Dec 2006

What job you going for & good luck.

  Graham. 17:27 20 Dec 2006

OK, 6 pets per custom.

  Brumas 17:32 20 Dec 2006

*move the fan*


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