Don't forget your car tax

  SB23 11:51 24 Aug 2006

I'm amazed at the fact that a car just down the road from me has just been picked up and put onto the back of a lorry, and taken away.
The reason, 2 days ago it was fitted with a clamp, and given a ticket / warning, for non payment of car tax.
Isn't that a bit quicker than it used to be, and exactly how long do they give you, because 2 days doesn't seem that long.

  SANTOS7 11:56 24 Aug 2006

Why should you have extra time, you are given enough notice, i personally have no sympathy with people who do not pay..

  ajm 11:57 24 Aug 2006

I was watching Traffic Cops last night on BBC. The coppers now have the powers to seize any vehicle on the spot that is untaxed,uninsured or being driven without a valid license. They can reduce these cars to TIN BOXES and make the driver pay for it

  SB23 12:02 24 Aug 2006

I don't have sympathy, because its something that if your a car owner you have to pay, full stop, and you get used to paying, but I'm surprised at the speed of which its been taken.
Having said that I didn't know that they could sieze your vehicle on the spot.

  VNAM75 12:03 24 Aug 2006

What if you dont have an MOT? I will always have tax and insurance, but sometimes I tend to let getting an mot drag on once it is expired. This year it had elapsed for 3 days. A few years I had let it expire 3 months - not a good idea. Is your insurance invalid if you dont have an mot?

  SB23 12:07 24 Aug 2006

I think that the mot is just as much an offence as with any of the others. One thing about the mot is the fact that its as much your safety as anyone elses.

  ajm 12:11 24 Aug 2006

"Under the national Road Traffic Act, the new legislation allows officers to impound vehicles and levy hefty fines.
Drivers caught behind the wheel without a licence face having their cars destroyed without compensation if they fail to produce a valid licence within 14 days.
And uninsured motorists will be forced to buy cover or face having their vehicle scrapped as well.
Offenders will have to pay out a £105 removal fee, as well as a daily storage charge of £12, and will only have their property returned when they provide the relevant documents.
Confiscated cars will either be destroyed or sold on, depending on their condition, after 14 days."

Hopefully this shouuld bring down the cost of insurance and roat tax for the majority of us who pay!!!

  GroupFC 12:12 24 Aug 2006

AFAIK, not having a valid MOT certificate, invaldates any insurance (at least that is what I have always been led to believe).

  jack 12:14 24 Aug 2006

There are lot of old bangers out there- sold at the kerb or 'dodgy auctions' for silly prices that are death traps- and it is the folk with small money who buy them.
Usually youngsters without licence/driving skills/insurance.
This is the only way to get them off the road before they kill someone.
There was a time when you were giveen 14days leeway either side of expiry- But now with MOT's & Insurance electronically linked to the DVLA and renewal available on line- there is no need for this .
So it up to the owner/driver to keep on top of these matters, or to the razor blade factory it goes and jolly good too.

  Noldi 12:18 24 Aug 2006

Is it the Police doing this or the DVLA.
I read in a West Sussex Local paper a couple called the police because some drunk was trying to smash the front door in and they where told to wait because the pubs where closing and nobody was avalible, The Next morning the Police called to see if they still needed any help. So I hope its the DVLA because the Police have more inportant issues to attend to I think.


  ajm 12:22 24 Aug 2006

The police are doing this in conjunction DVLA. The technology links the police with the DVLA and Insurance Database so that almost instanmtly the copper is able to see all details.....

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