Don't fix it, just dump it !

  powerless 21:35 16 Jul 2005

click here


  stalion 21:43 16 Jul 2005

there you go he should have been a member on this forum

  Pooke 21:45 16 Jul 2005

Next time he wants to dump his PC, I'll take it off his hands.

Tell me if a pet gets fleas, do you put the animal down? Of course not. PCs need a bit of time to keep them clean and healthy.


  josie mayhem 21:50 16 Jul 2005

just in case you (or anyone else) decide to take this route of dumping your computers, I more than happy to take them on, and clean them up.

  justme 22:27 16 Jul 2005

Have they never heard of a backup?

A backup of the program files made when the computer was completely clean would not take much effort or time to restore. The operating system and program files could be deleted and then restored.

I assume that these people with more money than sense have some means to restore their own data.

  De Marcus 22:33 16 Jul 2005

What's more disconcerting is the fact this fellow has a Ph.D. in computer science, and is also the vice president of a .com internet company, surely he'd know how to rid himself of spyware (or how not to get it in the first place). Or is he's just to damn lazy to bother and $400 is pocket money?

  Pooke 22:38 16 Jul 2005

"Or is he's just to damn lazy to bother and $400 is pocket money?"

Only answer I can see: Yes

  De Marcus 22:42 16 Jul 2005

In this case I think I'd have to agree

  DieSse 22:55 16 Jul 2005

I can't see how such an attitude helps - clearly if he can't be bothered to protect the system, the new one will be the same way in no time flat!

  Forum Editor 22:57 16 Jul 2005

for a couple of days with my brother, who was shooting a film. He wanted some IT help on the production side, and I went along for the ride. During the time I was there I saw several instances of entire truckloads of computers, monitors, printers etc. being tipped in great heaps. I took a look at some of the hard ware and as far as I could see there was nothing much wrong with it.

The driver said it was from an office building that was being refurbished.

  De Marcus 23:06 16 Jul 2005

Driver? - don't tell me you got a chauffeur now FE - my oh my, just how does one get one of those. LOL

Getting to the point, I know of several people who salvage such pc's and make quite a good living out of selling 2nd user systems, they buy the pc for £10 from the local dump, check it to see if it's a 'viable system' and sell for no less than £75 quid, If there's a component that needs replacing, no probs', there's a bank of hardware usually sitting in their cupboards from such places.

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