Don't drive in Bus lanes

  BT 08:40 23 Nov 2006

Here are some salutory lessons for those drivers tempted to sneak into Bus Lanes

click here

  rezeeg 09:01 23 Nov 2006

Nice one! where was the video taken so I don't try it ;-))

  ed-0 09:38 23 Nov 2006

It's from manchester click here

So keep out of the bus lanes there.:-)

  BigRik 10:47 23 Nov 2006

There's been a trial in my part of the world for a few months now. In a couple of these lanes, they are for buses between 0700 and 1000, and 1600 to 1900. Anyone else can use them at all other times.

As I've said, its been going on a while now, and although there are signs as you approach these lanes informing of the trial, there still seem to be alot of people completely unaware that you can use them!

You should see the look on their faces as you go past them. Its hilarious.

  The Brigadier 11:40 23 Nov 2006

The force when that merc hit the bollards, ouch!
What do you put on the accident form???

  ezypcy 11:46 23 Nov 2006

Enjoyed the video BT but concerned that passengers
could be harmed.It is obvious that the driver is fully
responsible but the trap appears to be too vicious.
I would rather see a cheating driver than a baby injured.

I could see a claim being made under health and safety rules here.

A murderer would be given a more fairer chance to excuse himself.

  spuds 12:26 23 Nov 2006

Didn't something very similar occurred with one of our well known politicians not long ago, when their driver tried to go down Downing Street, and the bobby on security pressed the button to soon!.

  ed-0 12:26 23 Nov 2006

" What do you put on the accident form??? "

The pop-up stopper didn't work?

I wonder if there is a bloke that raises and lowers the barriers from a central control room, how else would you get the video's?

  The Brigadier 12:35 23 Nov 2006

It's probably worked on a weight sensor of the vehicle, front axle goes over sensor bollard comes down, bus moves off, say bollars come up 1 second after back axle goes over it. The camera would be there just for security, the amazing thing is there are plenty of warning signs about it in place.

  Jak_1 15:00 23 Nov 2006

They are worked by sensors fitted to vehicles permited to use that particular street. There enough warning signs prior to entering that street but the silly buggers still choose to ignore them and try and tailgate a vehicle using them legaly. Btw the cars were basically written off! It's their cars, they should have seen the warnings, they are clear enough. Basically they do not have a valid insurance claim, costly eh!

  Totally-braindead 15:11 23 Nov 2006

There was a posting about this a few weeks ago. Serves them right in my opinion. The signs are quite clear, if they can't read them thats there problem.

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