Done anything exciting today?

  exdragon 17:04 07 Sep 2007

I have - I've paid off my mortgage! Teeheehee

  g0slp 17:21 07 Sep 2007

Well done, OM.

  Clapton is God 17:27 07 Sep 2007

No, nothing exciting today - but I paid off my mortgage over 7 years ago. Teeheehee, Teeheehee

  STREETWORK 17:28 07 Sep 2007

Made about £5,700 in 2 hours, is this good?

  DrScott 17:30 07 Sep 2007

working nights this weekend. Helping prospective mums through their labour by using a big needle!

Streetwork - sounds like I'm in the wrong job then!

Congrats on all who have paid off their mortgages. We've just taken out another one...

  mrwoowoo 18:00 07 Sep 2007

Just been beaten again at 10 pin bowling by my 13 year old son.)O:!
At least i beat our youngest(O:!

  Si_L 18:28 07 Sep 2007

Finished a temporary job, on the way home I got an application for a new one, and I already have an interview arranged for monday :)

  sunny staines 18:29 07 Sep 2007


next year before my mortgage goes.

streetwork need a hand in your line of work?

  g0nvs 20:00 07 Sep 2007

Just returned from a day out at the Black Country Museum in Dudley, well worth a trip.

  realist 20:13 07 Sep 2007



  spikeychris 20:21 07 Sep 2007

You may not be aware that PCA forum etiquette dictates “once a member pays a mortgage in full the said member should undertake all similar debts from a PCA old lag” I hereby nominate myself as that old lag. Details to follow.

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