Donald Trump to use Holyrood windfarm visit to 'help Scotland save itself from this madness'

  morddwyd 07:46 09 Mar 2012
  Legolas 08:31 09 Mar 2012

Thank you Mr Trump and goodnight

  badgery 08:39 09 Mar 2012

But his mother was born here, so possibly he thinks there's a chance he could become King??

  badgery 09:38 09 Mar 2012

fourm member

Whilst in general agreeing with your position, and the need for energy efficiency, I'm not sure one can say that our continuing search for 'growth' is an addiction (which presumably means you think that's bad).

Surely, without growth and economic activity, invention and enterprise would drop and society would 'stand still'.

  Chegs ®™ 10:20 09 Mar 2012

Windfarms are everywhere I look in Cumbria.If the eyesores actually delivered,I'd hate them a little less.One particular windfarm I recall being given planning permission with conditions attached that included a requirement that any turbine ceasing to work for a certain period(I think was 3 months but might've been more)had to be removed.One turbine after the other failed,& some were out of operation for at least 18 months and when the council wrote to the operator reminding them of this caveat of planning permission were told that because parts to repair them were difficult to obtain could the caveat be removed.The council agreed so we now have a windfarm that looks ugly & supplies nothing as they don't work.Why we need so many of the eyesores escapes me as we have an enormous Nuclear Power Station locally,& this has plans on starting building new nuclear plants within a few years.Good luck Mr Trump.

  Snec 22:32 10 Mar 2012

I am tending to agree with FM on this one.

Continual growth is impossible. It always has been. I worked through the 70s & 80s, at local director level, for a group of companies seeking to expand year on year. At budget time each year we did the same thing - we forecast growth in our proposals to the main board.

By the mid 80s, although not admitting it openly, we knew we were submitting lies. We continued to do so because being honest and forecasting a decline in business would have seen us replaced by people saying what the main board wanted to hear and wanted, maybe even out of desperation, to believe.

I've worked for several companies who operate along the same lines. In my opinion it is this bulls** and wishful thinking that has contributed to our decline in manufacturing. I'm sure many businesses that are no longer with us would still be here had they not succumbed to the impossible quest.

  Snec 23:51 10 Mar 2012

An afterthought:-

A system based on perpetual growth is not sustainable.... it will always collapse in the end, the only question is when. Okay the system seems to have been chugging along for what seems a long time but a blind belief that it will always continue to do so is wrong.

Democracy is the same boat and for the same reason -- the four to five year cycle of keeping the voter happy is also not sustainable. When the sweet jar is close to empty, as it is now, bad things have to happen.. blind faith won't alter that either.

  rdave13 00:00 11 Mar 2012

fourm member and Snec, this is this country's downfall. Same goes for our tiny international company. Projecting a growth of up to 40% turnover this year with less staff is really hallucinogenically impossible. No more investment in machines, so no more output possible, less staff, temporary staff recruited who have no aspirations to work hard as they can be dropped at any time. The mindset of business people of this country, to supply some profits to the shareholders, is beyond belief.

Trouble is the whole country will suffer, and is beginning to suffer, from this kind of thinking. It's not only the Bankers that are at fault it is also our poor politicians today and those who came before.

Fuel up again next week.

  Aitchbee 14:00 12 Mar 2012

...with apologies to badgery and morddwyd...

...I've heard they are making a sequel to the great film 'The Madness of King George'...starring the late, great Nigel Hawthorne.'s called 'The Profound Insanity of King Donald' will be a big budget movie.

The other working title is:- "I Just Blew In From The Windy City".

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