Domestic burglar alarms

  Chris the Ancient 14:29 07 Sep 2010

This was brought home to me, just now, by a mains failure on the estate where I live (an extremely rare occurrence). Every burglar alarm on the estate burst into life.

This, in turn, reminded me of one that used to go off quite regularly in a house within close hearing distance.

Why do houses bother with them? I have never seen any form of response - let alone a police one - to a domestic burglar alarm. What a waste of time - unless you like annoying the neighbours who are at home.

Or do you know of a _really_ good reason for having them?

  peter99co 14:34 07 Sep 2010

If it goes off while in bed you go down and hit the intruder with a baseball bat. You get five years but you feel better for getting the opportunity to strike back.

  Woolwell 14:46 07 Sep 2010

I think that the police will not turn up for the bog standard burglar alarm but will to those that are monitored by a control room. A fee has to be paid to the police to register such systems. I have a monitored system which also has fire detection and the control room would call the fire brigade if a fire started when I am out.

  Chris the Ancient 14:53 07 Sep 2010


I feel that if I had an intruder he might not find it worthwhile in my flat. I've got nothing worth nicking!


Yes, a monitored system is OK - at a cost. Is yours a 'silent' system?

  Woolwell 14:55 07 Sep 2010

Outside yes - inside no.

  Chris the Ancient 15:19 07 Sep 2010

And do you keep a baseball bat to hand?

  Covergirl 15:26 07 Sep 2010

My burglar alarm would allow someone to break in through the "entry point" and the alarm would go off 45 seconds later, well after they have got out of site. At this point, people might look out and see nothing amiss (unless burglar is parading in front of a window) and ignore it.

If they broke in through a "non-entry" point, they would set off the alarm immediately, however, who (if anyone) gets up immediately to have a looksee what's occurring? You might get out of your chair after a minute or two if it's still going off (a bit like car alarms) but by that time again, the burglar would be out of site.

So deterrent value only I think.

  MAT ALAN 15:36 07 Sep 2010

The house that i live in now had a gardner 800 system put in by the previous owners.
3 zones, upstairs, front room, dining room, it also had the phone connected to it so if you broke in and tried to use the phone you could not.
To say the audible beep and the red flashing led where a nuisance is an understatement, when it did go off "ARMAGEDDON" or you would of thought.
Apart from having to know quantum physics just to turn it on and off it was very usefull "NOT".
SO my dilemma was cut short when i disconnected everything and just left the boxes on the outside walls to appear my house was still alarmed...
I did actually have gay burglars once, they broke in and rearranged my furnature and tidied up for me....

  Woolwell 16:29 07 Sep 2010

No - but I do have a dog. Probably lick them to death!

  Quickbeam 16:47 07 Sep 2010

I also rely on the low-tech dog system. Anyone or sound that is out of the ordinary and it also has an armageddon function. Mind you the armageddon mode also activates by default when the postie, newsboy, milkman or Jehova Witness calls...

  Pineman100 16:54 07 Sep 2010

"do you know of a _really_ good reason for having them?"

There is, of course, no such thing as a burglar-proof house. But my feeling is that I want to make my house as unwelcoming to Johnny Thief as possible. Hopefully, when he sees my Yale alarm on the outside of the house, he'll decide that it's better to look for another property to break into.

That may be a slightly "I'm all right Jack" attitude, but I can live with it!

But I'm puzzled by all these alarms going off when there's a power cut. My system incorporates a backup battery that prevents such things (unless the power cut goes on for a very long time). I wonder why your neighbours' systems all seem to lack this.

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