Doherty Out of Jail

  laurie53 20:52 08 May 2008

Pete Doherty seems to think that Margaret Thatcher was responsible for his going to jail.

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Is further proof needed that prolonged drug use atrophies the brain?

  interzone55 21:06 08 May 2008

I just wish that the press would treat Pete Doherty and Amy Wino the same way Thatch had the media treat the IRA and not give them the "oxygen of publicity" maybe then the two of them could quit drugs and lead profitable lives stacking shelves in Tesco

  peg 22:21 08 May 2008

but I cant help but like his music.

  belfman 22:27 08 May 2008

A colleague of mine refers to him as a "legend"... I dislike Doherty and his music.

Amy Winehouse, however, I have to say I enjoy her music.

  Totally-braindead 23:13 08 May 2008

I agree that hes a prat but can't agree on the music, I think its terrible. I do like some of Amys stuff though.

  Chegs ®™ 01:17 09 May 2008

Doherty used his release to tell the media that one of the people he had met inside prison was innocent and had been jailed for a crime that someone else had confessed to.

Oh dear,presumably the poor unfortunate will have been tried & convicted but if Pete can pay for a nice expensive lawyer to conduct the appeal then justice will be fully served(if Pete has any money left after buying his drugs)

  €dstowe 06:33 09 May 2008

I'm with alan14 on this - there are a number of others I would include as well, including Americans (Tesco is trying to expand over there but there's always Walmart who could accommodate them).

  spuds 09:56 09 May 2008

It must be good to be a celebrity. All that money, a good lifestyle, regular media response, and a bucketful of followers. Oh what I would give for a life like that!.

  Totally-braindead 13:47 09 May 2008

"Does anyone really believe that putting such a person in jail does anything other than make 'middle Englanders' feel happy that their government is doing 'something' to fight the 'war on drugs'?"

Got a better suggestion? He breaks the law, he is a criminal, he should be punished for breaking the law, hes had so many chances to change his ways I have lost count so what is left but jail.

I know what I would like to suggest doing with him but I don't want my post deleted.

  MrCutter 15:03 09 May 2008

Mr Doherty i'm sure will soon pass through his local hospital again.
But this time it may be in the chillier confines of the mortuary!!
What he is doing with Drugs will sadly end his life quicker.
It has done to many other "rock stars" & sadly more will follow!

  al7478 16:14 09 May 2008

"Got a better suggestion?"

Yes. Community service, counseling, financial sanctions, tagging.

The only reason people like him are ok when they leave prison is because they have money and sychophants to help them (but not entirely altruistically).

Short jail terms for drug abuse and related non-violent crimes just makes it harder for any less well off addicts to regain equilibrium.

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