Dog Odour

  sunnystaines 14:47 15 Jul 2011

We recently took in a rescue dog, bad to return it when it was discovered to be a lost/stolen dog. a shame as it was a nice dog. now my question its only fault was bad dog odour, we got shampoo from the vet and gave a thorough shampoo and rise to no effect, in fact the wet coat made the smell worse.

before we adopt another dog can anyone advise on how to stop the smell. it was not the dogs breath just its whole body had a bad bo smell to it.

  Woolwell 15:00 15 Jul 2011

Dogs when wet give off a distinctive pong and at other times can smell like stale biscuits. You'll never get rid of it completely but it can be mitigated. What it is fed on can make a difference, where it walks and how often it is brushed and cleaned. If a dog pongs strongly then either it has rolled in something (fox poo is particularly unpleasant but dogs seem to like rolling in it) or there is something wrong with it and a vet ought to examine it. Ear infections can cause an unpleasant smell as can skin problems.

Vacuum frequently, clean the dog bedding and dog towels regularly and perhaps use something like fabreeze.

In the 40 years of keeping dogs we've never had a major smell problem unless they have rolled.

  wee eddie 15:08 15 Jul 2011

Dogs smell, cats smell, humans smell. They all smell different and when you introduce a new smell into your environment, it becomes very noticeable.

After a few weeks you would be unlikely to notice it any longer unless, as mentioned, a new smell was introduced ~ say Fox poo!

  woodchip 15:11 15 Jul 2011

You did the right thing in giving it a bath, we have never had this problem other than, when they needed one. They do seem to suffer from Bad Breath

  wiz-king 15:14 15 Jul 2011

I dont mind the 'Eau de chein detrempe' but we draw the line at foxes poo - the order is give to bath with cattle shampoo.

  sunnystaines 15:26 15 Jul 2011

when we got it we went via the vets for a check up, nothing wrong said it was very healthy and gave us some shampoo. the dog had an extensive wash out in the garden with warm water and we dried it off. the dog enjoyed the wash. but the wife said before we get another sort out how to rid the smell. it took a day to go after the dog went.

  Quickbeam 16:50 15 Jul 2011

The chances are that the next one won't smell as bad, that's unusual what you've described, unless you're not a regular dog keeper and had a keen nose for something that's different to normal when that one arrived.

Even the odd human can smell quite strong compared to the majority, so I would think the next won't be noticed, not as much anyway! If it was plaque on the teeth, a largely dried food and carrots diet will keep the teeth clear of that after a dental de-scale at the vets.

  interzone55 17:24 15 Jul 2011

It's funny how you get used to smells and after a while simply don't notice them.

I used to work for a cheese wholesaler, and first time I visited I found the whole place smelt very similar to baby sick, and when I got home my wife complained that I smelt of baby sick.

After a couple of days though I really didn't notice it.

Smells are really evocative though, I only have to smell the steam off an iron and I'm instantly transported back to my early years at my gran's, she used to do the ironing for several neighbours so her house usually smelt of steam and washing soda...

  sunnystaines 17:53 15 Jul 2011


dog had clean teeth according to the vet no plaque, the breath was ok its just the smell come from the short body hair/skin could only smell indoors or in a vehicle not noticable outside unless wet. smell a cross between bad feet and bad BO, which lingered for hours afterwards.

  Quickbeam 18:01 15 Jul 2011

That's very unusual, I wouldn't worry about the chances of it happening again.

  Woolwell 18:19 15 Jul 2011

Agree with Quickbeam.

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