Dog asbos

  Dragon_Heart 21:55 02 Mar 2011

Scotland’s dogs are facing new laws, nicknamed ‘dog asbos’, that came into force this year.

New dog control notices could mean owners being forced to keep their pet on a lead at all times, have it neutered or attend a training course. They could be fined of up to £1,000 if they do not obey the notice.

They do not base their laws on 'dangerous breeds' but on the individual dog ( owner ).

I think it's a great idea. Many individual dogs of what are considered dangerous breeds are not any more dangerous than any other.

One point I would like to make is I would not leave ANY dog alone with a child or stranger.

  ventanas 15:52 03 Mar 2011

Long overdue in England as well. I have always owned a dog (at present chihuahua) and they have never been off a lead anywhere where the public have access, not even this little bundle of attitude.
The owner is always the one to blame (in my view) if a dog misbehaves, especially when it comes to fouling footpaths.
As for your final point, yes any dog can turn despite past behaviour not suggesting it will, but there is usually some human cause for this.
Leaving a dog with a stranger is just plain stupid, even those whome I leave the little blighter with I go on holiday are well known to him.

  birdface 21:21 03 Mar 2011

Don't think it works that way south of the border.
My son out walking his dog tonight in a park football ground and was attacked by another dog which had no owner with it.
My sons dog was badly mauled and my son suffered bites also from the dog.
At this moment the dog is in the vets and my son is at the local hospital to get his hand sorted where he was bitten.
Phoned the police and nothing they could do as it was dog onto dog they said.
But what happens if it attacks some young person out walking their dog.
Or even a school kid going to school in the morning as it also is in the park area.
Not the response you would expect from the police but you would have thought that they would have investigated to see if the dog could have been found.
Probably very little chance of catching it but at least they could have tried.

  birdface 09:27 04 Mar 2011

£190 to get the dogs wounds seen to by the Vet and he got fed up waiting to be seen to at the hospital he is going to the local treatment center this morning to see if any stitches are needed for his hand.
No doubt an anti tetanus jag will also be given.
I still think dogs need a bit of freedom and would be unfair for them to be kept on a leash at all times, you would think it would be safe to let them run loose in parks or fields but last night proved that it is not safe to do so.
I think owners that do let there dogs wander the streets without supervision should open to fines.
Unfortunately we used to have a dog control with the council that used to come round and collect stray dogs from the streets but this no longer happens.
Police station used to be open all night now it closes at 7Pm.
A £1.000 fine on the owner of the dog would soon make sure it did not get out to roam the streets itself again.

  Chegs ®™ 10:09 04 Mar 2011

I used to take my dog for walks on a remote beach until recently.I stopped going as it became a little too popular & a certain "gentleman" with 3 large dogs decided to ignore my dogs whimpering as she was pursued up and down the beach and responded with a heap of vitriol to my request he call his dogs away.The threat of a hefty fine would do little to encourage this type of owner to keep their animals on a lead,they would simply find somewhere even more remote to release them or continue walking them in the same place as there is only one way to access the beach and the irresponsible owners would see any enforcement officers/council/police vehicles.My GF was attacked while delivering leaflets by a Jack Russell sized dog that inflicted a nasty bite to her leg,the police were contacted and their response was "we'll send someone out to speak to you" and we've seen nobody in over 6mths so I can safely assume they aint coming.

  johndrew 10:26 04 Mar 2011

As always, it's not the dog that needs the ASBO it's the owner.

Dogs - like children - need to be taught to behave properly. There is a time to run around and burn off energy and a time to be quiet and stay close to the owner/handler. As with young children there is always the need to clear up after them.

People who use dogs as weapons simply need castrating themselves to help pacify them. And those that have no idea of training a dog need to attend parenting/training classes. None of this should be free but it should be compulsory.

  birdface 12:14 04 Mar 2011

It makes you wonder if Scotland have the right idea or not.
Personally myself I think dogs need a bit of freedom now and again and to be kept on a leash or muzzled all the time seems to be a bit drastic.
As with everything else it is always the minority that makes things worse for the majority whether dog owners or anything else.

As always, it's not the dog that needs the ASBO it's the owner.
That sort of sums it up for me.

  jakimo 14:19 04 Mar 2011

They can introduce as many new laws with 'upto' fines of £1000 as they like,but if the will or the means to enforce them don't exist,then dog asbos will go the same way as laws on litter dropping\pavement cycling\drinking in public places\and dog fouling,then dog asbos will be ineffective as asbos on humans

  Forum Editor 15:41 04 Mar 2011

I endorse every word of your post.

  Dragon_Heart 01:35 05 Mar 2011

Trust you son is OK.

Dog onto dog ? Your dog was probably attempting to put itself between your son and the aggressor.

We have an old chap who's only companion was his little dog. Two rockwillers got out yet again from up the road and bit his dog in half. It's a wonder the shock did not kill him. One was removed the other put down, but it was the owners fault. Our dog had also been attacked by these two whilst we were out with our son, our crafty dog lay on it's back as if to submit then bit the other dog in the neck.

I too agree with  jakimo, it may work north of the border but our enforcement is rubbish.

  Dragon_Heart 02:01 05 Mar 2011

Not got my spellin ead on Aunt Sally

Wottweilers ... that looks better.

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