Does your Wife pinch your things ?

  freaky 18:54 30 Apr 2006

My Wife has been away all day in her car - this gave me the full width of the drive to give the car a good wash and polish.

After I had finished polishing, I went to a cupboard in the garage where I normally keep two special 100% cotton towels for polishing - they had gone!

I searched and found one hanging on a rail in a bathroom, the other was on the line drying.

I then bought a black felt-tip indelible marker, and marked each towel on the hem with ' Car Polishing '.

She has not yet returned to admire my art-work !

  keith-236134 18:57 30 Apr 2006

Your dead....start running

  Curio 19:08 30 Apr 2006

Ilike a man who lives close to the edge! :>)

  SB23 19:29 30 Apr 2006

Yes, and then she denies it !

  SB23 19:32 30 Apr 2006

She also buys me tops,(that she likes) then wears them coz she says that they fit her better than her own.

  freaky 19:33 30 Apr 2006

My Wife has a very good philosophy - what's mine is mine, and what's his is mine.

She just phoned to say that she will return in hour, so I'm off while I am still capable of moving!

  SANTOS7 19:38 30 Apr 2006

I AM the BOSS in my house, cos my wife said i could be!!!......

  SG Atlantis® 19:47 30 Apr 2006

Even my sanity.

  bluto1 20:05 30 Apr 2006

She does. One afternoon I was working in the front garden when she sauntered out of the house wearing my new jeans and a new sweatshirt of mine. She was in the car and away before I could say anything. Later I told her I`d use her clothes except they`re too big.
Next morning I went to my underwear drawer and she`d sewn up the sides of an old pair of her own pants and left them for me. They`ve got all the answers, so I now try to hide my new clothes, unsuccessfully. Why do I always get a headache thinking about her?

  freaky 20:45 30 Apr 2006

Another thing, we have the green and orange wheely bins.

The Council are very strict about what goes into the orange bins because they are for garden waste recycling.

I part filled an orange one and put it out for collection. When I returned from work it had not been emptied - looked inside and found my wife had filled the remaining space with empty garden pots!

  bluto1 22:37 30 Apr 2006

Look out lads, there is a counter productive post following us

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