Does VoG ever sleep???

  STREETWORK 09:37 17 Sep 2006

Just a thought...

  VoG II 09:41 17 Sep 2006


  Sapins 09:45 17 Sep 2006

He sleep types as well!

  anskyber 10:32 17 Sep 2006

Given his name VoG™ and the meaning of this shortened form, we could conclude that advancing years brings a reduced need for sleep.

  Forum Editor 11:08 17 Sep 2006

I type all his stuff for him, and he sends me a big fat cheque every month.

Its a good system.

  lisa02 11:59 17 Sep 2006

Maybe he just has a sixth sense when it comes to excel questions. He wakes up sensing something wrong and heads straight to PCA to save that poor excel victim from hard sums.

  wolfie3000 15:48 17 Sep 2006

I like the fact that VOG posts updates to spybot, ad-aware and the rest before everyone else.

Hes beaten me quite a few times grrrrrrr lol

Maybe VOG,s hardwired into his pc so even if hes asleep he can still operate it,

Just a thought.

  ade.h 15:53 17 Sep 2006

I like the FE's explanation, although he might have put an idea in VoG's mind!

  silverous 17:09 17 Sep 2006

I have wondered this many times. At random times of the day I see an Excel query posted, dive in head first and sure enough VoG's already answered it.

I think he has an extra forum feature whereby anything posted with the word Excel in causes a pager to buzz on his utility belt !

  Belatucadrus 17:23 17 Sep 2006

It should be noted that the "TM" part of VoG™ doesn't stand for TradeMarked, it's an abbreviation of "team". VoG™ is actually a hand selected group of twelve individuals keeping their fingers on the pulse of half a dozen forums. They see all they know all.

  Altruist 18:22 17 Sep 2006

He has ExcelSensoryPerception!

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