Does it pay to be bolshy

  bumpkin 19:03 27 Feb 2014

After 5 mnths of trying to get the Electric company to repair a defective inspection cover in my driveway always being told that they were trying to obtain the exact size so as not to disturb my unusual block paving they suddenly turned up with a total disregard, cut the paving any old how and left cement all over the place staining a fair area including boot marks which can only be removed using acid if you are lucky. I spent a hour with a hose cleaning up as much as I could.

Sorry to waffle, back to the main point, I phoned the top person who said that he would get the contractor back or send someone to look at it. I said No YOU get up from your desk and YOU come and YOU look at it, I am not going to be palmed off and dealing with third parties. To my surprise he has made an appointment to meet me on Monday.

  lotvic 20:16 27 Feb 2014

I don't think that was 'bolshy' I think that was being assertive :)

ClickHere "Being assertive means respecting yourself and other people; seeing people as equal to you, not better than you or less important than you. The goal of assertive behaviour is to stand up for your rights in such a way that you do not violate another person’s rights. It is achieved through open, direct and honest communication, valuing others, listening, respecting, problem solving and negotiating with other people."

  bumpkin 21:45 27 Feb 2014

lotvic, interesting, I rarely complain about things as it is usually too much trouble to justify the end result. In this case I decided to pursue the matter as we are looking at hundreds of pounds to rectify things. I am the sort of person that is normally palmed off with feeble excuses but in this case decided to take a stand, if that is assertive then it is a pity I did not learn it years ago. Whether the guy turns up or not is another matter if he sends one of his minions it won't be the end of it.

  lotvic 22:04 27 Feb 2014

Well I should think that the goal on Monday is to find out what steps they are going to take to rectify the state of drive. (no good just ranting and them apologising - what's done is done - now action to put right is required)

Have you decided what you will accept? Money to cover costs, shall you obtain a quote? - (Compensation might be offered in form of 'Goodwill gesture') so you can hire your own firm to rectify, or do you want Electric company sending a Contractor to sort it out?

Try to get confirmation that they accept responsibility in writing before he leaves.

Stand firm :)

  bumpkin 23:06 27 Feb 2014

lotvic, positive thinking, good for me. My resolution would be that the builder that laid the drive initially puts it back to its original condition and that is paid for by those that have damaged it. I see a problem of course as nobody will admit it in the first place but when they have to they will want to use their own contractors who may well be as bad as the ones that caused it in the first place. I am afraid that some of those that only sit behind desks are unaware of reality which makes me pleased that I am dragging one out on Monday, I look forward to seeing his face when I ask him if he would like this done to his driveway.

  lotvic 23:35 27 Feb 2014

Well, could be fun. I've had similar with my faulty Central Heating boiler install saga. (Water Damage, wrong pipework, Leaks, combination of Insurance claims, Compensation offers, etc etc)

Ended up this year with the Manager on site with an engineer (I was able to name the engineer I wanted to come to fix it) and I have the Managers direct phone number to call for any future problems that occur. Strange how I got action when I informed them my next step was to contact the Ombudsman if things were not put to rights.

  lotvic 23:37 27 Feb 2014

Should have said it was British Gas for Central Heating boiler faulty install saga so I really got the runaround until I mentioned contacting the CEO and the Ombudsman.

  BT 23:45 27 Feb 2014

Sometimes it does.

The company that was building my Conservatory had a skip on my drive way and when the skip lorry came to pick it up the driver put down his hydraulics without packing them with wood or similar and ended up punching a number of holes on the concrete. I took pictures with a rule alongside the holes and sent them to the company with the appropriate complaint and ended up getting my whole drive relaid.

I wasn't exactly Bolshy but made my feelings known, that a skip driver should know better.

  spuds 00:11 28 Feb 2014

The problem with most of these utility repair jobs, is that sub-contractor's usually on a bonus scheme are used to do the work.

A number of years ago, the area that I live was informed that Gas Alliance were replacing all the underground gas piping in the area. With that came the guarantee that any work undertaken on any property, would leave the property as was previously. The promise even stated that it would be specialist teams who would do follow-up the work.

First it started with the contractor's wanting to demolish a porch on my property because they could not feed their new replacement pipe through the old pipe. My refusal, led them to re-route their new pipe via the footpath and across a tarmac area in a trench fashion. Had to get them back two times, and their 'specialist' work is still highly noticeable for its 'odd looks'. they were supposed to have come back the third time, but the contractor's had then moved from the area, so the rectification work was never completed to the standards promised.

  BT 07:58 28 Feb 2014

When the Gas company replaced my gas supply pipe due to a leak, they had a big hole in the street to access the connection to the Main, but only 2 small holes about 18"square along my driveway. The used a 'Mole' device connected to the compressor which went from one hole to the next, to feed the new plastic pipe. They managed to avoid digging up any concrete by putting one hole in the gravelled area down the centre of the drive and the other one in the garden area under the kitchen window. I don't know what the distance limits are but there was about 15m between the holes.

  spuds 10:10 28 Feb 2014


In my and my neighbour's cases, the contractor's had a mole machine, but for some reason they never wanted to use it. This no doubt added further problems when the machine was apparently stolen in the early hours of one morning, including a pipe reel trailer, that was left on the green grassed area opposite. Police involvement,door knocking etc, but nothing ever came of that enquiry.

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