Does everyone just "google"

  ripvan 01:27 14 Oct 2007

It seems that if people,myself included, want to know something they just "google" it.Does anyone bother with other search engines these days? Or is google now the be all and end all of search engines? If you do use others,why ?

  mrwoowoo 02:07 14 Oct 2007

Google is god to me.On the very rare occasion that i can't find what i want i sometimes try yahoo,but google is miles better.
To show how good it is,once i was stuck playing far cry on the pc.I struggled for ages to defeat a certain helicopter to no avail,so i google "how do you defeat the helicopter in far cry" and up came the answer at the top of the list.

  robgf 02:12 14 Oct 2007

I try other search engines from time, to time, but always return to Google, as it gives the most relevant results.
Also as a dialup user, Google is better than most search engines, as it doesn't load up loads of fancy graphics and adverts.

  mrwoowoo 02:12 14 Oct 2007

How does google work.
This made me smile(april fools day 2002)
click here

  €dstowe 06:42 14 Oct 2007

I've known and used Google since its very early days, long before it became well known and popular. When I told people to try this excellent new search engine most wouldn't believe the name and would continue struggling with their then pretty useless search engines common at the time - and whose names I forget.

  octal 07:30 14 Oct 2007

I use Google for general searching, but some of the other engines like Altavista are much better if you are looking for pictures and grasphics.

  laurie53 07:43 14 Oct 2007

It's a bit like Windows as far as market share goes - there are others available, and they may be better, but it's first choice for most people, me included.

  octal 07:55 14 Oct 2007

grasphics = graphics

I must cut my finger nails :)

  spikeychris 10:52 14 Oct 2007
  Devil Fish 11:33 14 Oct 2007

nope not a slave to google also use dogpile

as it will run searches on different search engines simultaniously

  spuds 12:20 14 Oct 2007

Google is brilliant, depending on how you phrase the question. Wikipedia takes some beating as well, for information.

Doe's anyone bother with Jeeves nowadays, they seem to be advertising on television a lot just lately!.

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