Does anyonehave any proofs for PIXmania violating

  Brianh2 18:51 05 Nov 2006

I've had problems with PIXmania. They unrightfully took money from my creditcard and it took some time for me to get it back, not to mention numerous of phone calls at national rate. I think it would be funny to find out what PIXmania is up to. Are they making a living on interest when they are charging people for good not in stock or canceled orders ?? This should stop and if it can be proved that this is the case, I want compensation for loss of interests and also compensation for inconvenience and phone calls at national rate. Does anyone have the same experience here in UK ???
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  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:06 05 Nov 2006

I can already sense the libel solicitors booking their 5 star luxury holidays in the Seychelles.


  wolfie3000 19:36 05 Nov 2006

I was thinking the same G.

  Brianh2 19:45 05 Nov 2006

Yeah well a few solicitors should be able to work on this, as I believe this is not an admin error. Honestly, Im fed up with poor customer care and bad sellers. It is not only this company, but it goes for many others as well. When we buy something, as a consumer we know that the 'seller' buys the stuff cheaper at the manufacturer and we allow them to make a profit on us. But this not a 'no quibble profit', because the only reason why we should allow this, is is because we rely on the 'seller' to deal with any problems. It seems to me that it is not like that anymore. If im supposed to sort everything out myself, then why shouldn't I just buy from the manufacturer and save money ?? Everytime there is a problem with something you get the 'oh no we really dont wanna deal with this' or 'use our FAQ page or so'. It is very easy to forget, that the reason why a retailer should exist, is not just because of logistic, but because we as consumer want 'no quibble' whenever there is a problem. This goes for internet retailers as well. If not, then why couldnt it be possible to buy from the manufacturer directly, the stuff has to be sent anyway. Especially with PIXmania, where you have to send defective items back to France. Furthermore in my case, where I ended up buying nothing, except spending money and time on something stupid, I would wish I could buy directly from the manufacturer, because service is something that is very hard to find. I really wanna take this as far as I can, at least some people will remember that the seller works for us, not the other way around, right ?? In this case it gets a bit more dodgy when it seems that many problems is having delivery and refund problems. Its not a bad way of making interests, is it ? I really couldnt say if that is true, but Im going to find out.

Cheers all...

  ezypcy 20:16 05 Nov 2006

Brianh2 a previous PCA link relating to PIXmania click here

Before buying from any company do a search adding
the word 'problems' eg click here=

  Totally-braindead 20:37 05 Nov 2006

How did they unrightfully take money from you? How did they get your credit card details and why did you not just get the credit card company to get the money back?
Personally I wouldn't buy from Pixmania in case I had to send it back, could cost a fair bit.

  Brianh2 21:00 05 Nov 2006

Okay is like this. I decided to buy a TV from them but my order got canceled. They sent me an email confirming that no payment has been taken. They asked me to go back on the web and buy the TV again, which I did. At this point I couldn't because my card has a limit (fortunately). I thought it was a card problem and called the bank which confirmed that hey got an aut.code in the first place. Calle PM back to get them to restore the order with the aut. code they got earlier, but they wouldnt. They asked me to call my bank and my bank asked me to call PM to get them to cancel the aut. code so my limit would be restored (it has nothing to do with how much money there is on the card, it is just a fixed limit). PM wouldnt reset this limit and I decided that it would be the best to stay away from this company. A couple of days after the money was missing from my acount, called PM which said they did not take it. Called the bank which gave me the details of the code, when it was taken and by whom. Called PM again...same shit. The day after they sent an email saying that they would refund me...but not. I called the bank, the problem I actually authorised them to take the money in exchange for a TV but since they at this point are not denieng it and claiming that a refund is made, the VISA insurance does not cover this. Every second day for a mont I called them to get my refund...Then I decided to do something about it. I started a case at Trading Standard, got a reference number there, called Leicestershire Police to file a complaint because I claimed that it could not be an error (I think it speeds up the things)...and I got my money...but how much did i spend on listening to music on hold and how much would they have been making on interests..If im the only this has happend to..not much...if not...then I think you could make quite a good living...I WILL find out

  Totally-braindead 21:06 05 Nov 2006

Right I understand now. You ordered a TV from them and they cancelled it and asked you to reorder. Can I ask why they did this as it seems a bit odd.
Regarding the refund I think I'm right in saying a company has 28 days by law to refund money though I'm unsure if this would apply to Pixmania as its not based in the UK.

  Brianh2 21:25 05 Nov 2006

I ordered the TV on the Phone. The technical questions and the ordering is done by the same person. After I gave them my details I asked for the delivery and she told me she would check if they had here in UK. this point I didnt know anythink about PM. So I asked where it should be apart from that, and she told me that their products comes from France. I then asked to the tuner in the TV and she said that no one at their office would know anything about that, I would have to call Toshiba. Really !! I said that they shouldnt send me anything before I would find out what was going on and after that I called Toshiba here in UK. They didnt know anything about PM's products. I decided that the tuner should be allright so I've called them back to give green light, but they cancelled the order. I've asked to the payment and she confirmed that no payment was the email..tried know the rest by now....I has been horrible to deal with this company. Every phonecall is at least 10 minutes of waiting and 20 seconds of speech because no one knows anything there. Honestly...I asked for their phonenumber to the HQ in France but they wouldnt give it to me. I could use their FAQ way...that is not how you treat people. I would not mind these problems if I would have felt that someone cared, at least just a bit about my problems. After reading a lot of these reviews and trying to learn a bit about PM I really think that my problem is nothing compared to what other people are going through. To me it came as a suprise that there could be so many problems with something like this. Especially that the company is in France and as you mention, that you would have to send the things back to France. They really dont advertise with these things on their web. The same with their ZEN deal, there are some rules and regulations you really have to know, otherwise you could end up loosing your money. I hope that I will participate to make it a bit more clear. I dont think there is anything wrong with their products, but there are some issues which you need to know and reconsider before buying...that was a long one..thanks..

  Brianh2 21:41 05 Nov 2006

In order to finish this, my problem is not that this happening, because they should also have happy costomers. If it happens as a part of an admin worries...but if not...I have read a lot of people saying that they have been billed before the items are in stock and so on. PM is selling under DSR (distance selling regulations) in all europe. You can bill people when you send the items...not before. PM also writes that. Their turnover is 235 M Euros..If you can make just 1% of that in interest...that will pay the christmas bonus..But if that is happening on purpose...that is a violation. However I cannot claim that it does...but yet to be seen..

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