Does anyone really care

  Kevscar1 11:33 19 Sep 2009

So strictly come prancing and x yawn are on at the same time.
Personally wouldn't watch either if they were the only 2 shows on anywhere.
Why the fuss record one watch the other

  jakimo 12:20 19 Sep 2009

As far as viewing figures are concerned Strictly & Xfactor have the largest viewing figures than any other programmes .......Sorry, but that puts you in the minority group,so I doubt if you not watching will cause a crisis

  Forum Editor 12:22 19 Sep 2009

but many millions are - nine and a half million people watched the first programme in the new X Factor series.

The debate is about whether the BBC has deliberately scheduled Strictly come dancing in order to air at the same time as X Factor. The corporation says it hasn't - the scheduling is down to a new series of Merlin - but lots of people are getting pretty annoyed with what they see as a plain old down and dirty ratings battle at the expense of the viewers who might like to watch both programmes as they are transmitted.

  jakimo 12:55 19 Sep 2009

I admit I watch both,so will have to record one or the other.

in the one its interesting to see how they improve each week,in the other its just curiosity as to whether the overall programme gets any better

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:05 19 Sep 2009

These 'clashes' are what video recorders, dvd recorders, HD recorders, Sky+ thingy, the BBC Iplayer and the ITV Iplayer were invented for. Welcome to the 21st century where the ord 'clash' has been eradicated by the advancement of technology.


  Kevscar1 13:14 19 Sep 2009

Exactly so why all the fuss

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:19 19 Sep 2009

'so why all the fuss'
1) keeps them in the news
2) publicity
3) even the most stupid people are getting suspicious of all the 'male + female dancers in love tryst - photos of them snogging' blatently set up rubbish.
4) all these types of programmes are publicity tarts.


  jakimo 13:24 19 Sep 2009

Even in the 21st century not every household own a recording device,most have not even moved out of the 20th;

Simon Cowell has offered his services as negotiator between the BBC & ITV to to try and change the scheduled broadcast times from clashing, without a change ITV could be loosing advertising revenue.

click here

  jakimo 13:31 19 Sep 2009

Personally wouldn't watch either if they were the only 2 shows on anywhere

So what makes you think anyone would want to know what you would not want to watch?

  Forum Editor 14:14 19 Sep 2009

a great many people - for whatever reason - do not own video recorders,SKY + boxes, or any other type of recorder. My mother doesn't, and my wife's two aunts don't.

Hard as it may be for some people to comprehend, there are millions of people who can't/don't want to watch recorded versions of transmitted programmes. The word 'clash' has definitely not been eradicated for the likes of them.

The programming schedule has been deliberately manipulated, for whatever reason, and for lots of the people I mentioned it means making a choice. Simon Cowell knows which programme will lose out because of it - hence the fuss.

  oresome 14:32 19 Sep 2009

"nine and a half million people watched the first programme in the new X Factor series."

Therefore the vast majority of the population didn't.

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