Does anyone know about clocks.

  bumpkin 20:18 18 Mar 2017

I have recently been given a very nice clock, floor standing about 5ft high. It was working fine until I moved it to my house, now it keeps stopping after a few mins. It is a pendulum type driven by weights. Having done a bit of research it seems this is quite common and to do with it being "out of beat". From what I have read this should be fairly easy to correct but I have not been able to do so after numerous attempts.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:37 18 Mar 2017

First check its standing perfectly square, not leaning Forwards backwards or sideways.

  Belatucadrus 20:41 18 Mar 2017

Seems to involve "Fingering your Crutch" though your research may have already reveled this.

Click Here

  bumpkin 20:57 18 Mar 2017

I have tried the leveling but it would seem that the crutch needs adjusting. I could see no way of doing this on mine but looking at the video it is just a matter of pushing it by the look of it. I shall give that a try carefully as no wish to break it. Thanks

  bumpkin 21:01 18 Mar 2017

What keeps the pendulum moving anyway, if you swing a plumb bob for example it will soon stop.

  Old Deuteronomy 23:03 18 Mar 2017

What keeps the pendulum moving anyway, if you swing a plumb bob for example it will soon stop.

Magic spoons...

Or, the mainspring.

  BT 09:28 19 Mar 2017

Or, the mainspring.

If its got weights it won't have a mainspring. Need to wind the weights up, probably daily.

  bumpkin 12:17 19 Mar 2017

Thanks, no mainspring or magic spoons. I have wound up the weights, first thing I did. How does the mechanism transfer power to the pendulum, it must be via the crutch then as that is the only thing attached to it?

  Belatucadrus 14:02 19 Mar 2017

Have you opened the small door at the back of the clockface ? If you look in there that's where the treadmill for the mouse is. You may find that your mouse hasn't been fed recently and has starved or worse still been replaced with a cheap foreign alternative like a gerbil, they keep lousy time and generally aren't worth the bother.

  Brumas 14:28 19 Mar 2017

Does anyone know about clocks, yes, I do and that is why I choose to use the services of a Master Clock Maker and Repairer. He made a home visit when I first obtained my beautiful Vienna Regulator clock which wouldn't work no matter what, he didn't come cheap but neither did the clock. He fixed it after taking it away to his workshop and installed it where it has never missed a beat (touch wood)

He told me two thirds of his business was from fixing the well intentioned meddlings of people who thought they could do what he had spent a lifetime learning.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing - think on !!

  bumpkin 14:31 19 Mar 2017

If you look in there that's where the treadmill for the mouse is.

Don't be ridiculous, there is no PS2 or USB port.

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