Does Anyone Else Out There Like Vista?

  Input Overload 15:10 21 Dec 2009

I took delivery of a new DELL lappy two days ago with 7 on. I also have a month old desktop with Vista on.

To be honest I like Vista as much as 7 & are wondering if I want to spend a day reinstalling my Desktop PC to put 7 on, it runs great on this new desktop.

I Have XP on another oldish laptop with XP on & that's OK also.

Dare anyone else say 'I like Vista? or am I alone.?

I feel like King Canute holding the tide back if I even hint to people I feel Vista is a good OS.

  Seth Haniel 15:12 21 Dec 2009

and you don't plan to install or do anything with it - it is probably fine for you ;)

  canarieslover 15:48 21 Dec 2009

I've never had any problems with Vista and i have been using for about a year now. I do have all the various 'bells n whistles' turned off so that it looks more like Win 2000 than anything later. The only niggles are minor and scarcely any different to the ones I had with XP so I haven't really considered it even an upgrade to XP, just slightly different. The only real improvement was that I found that System Recovery actually works in Vista, or have I just been lucky?

  Teaboy 17:03 21 Dec 2009

Before win 7 I ran Vista- I loved it!

Not sure about win 7 yet.

  sunnystaines 17:08 21 Dec 2009

liked vista, windows 7 better.

  Input Overload 17:09 21 Dec 2009

And I thought I was alone in the universe! It's just that I am finicky about having my PC set-up just right & it takes quite a while to do this desktop. And it's used for so many things, I'm a bit fed up of installing PC's lately so Ill stick with Vista for a while.

Thanks all, & the best to you & yours!

  Amyfa 18:04 21 Dec 2009

You all know windows 3.1 is the best :-P
Have vista and xp not got round to getting 7 yet. I am quite happy with how my computers run at the moment. You can change your computer to look how you want it to anyway what ever o/s you have.

  polish 18:29 21 Dec 2009

vista is great has been the most stable and caused the least amount
of problems the any previous versions of windows i have used

  Kevscar1 18:31 21 Dec 2009

Nevr had any problems with Vista which is more than I can say with XP when that first came out.
W7 no thanks will wait for W10 or whatever they call it.

  Snec 19:33 21 Dec 2009

I don't normally buy a computer with an OS installed. I like a bare HHD to start with but I did buy a laptop with Vista installed. It is nowhere near as quick as XP but, other than that, there's nothing wrong with it.

  Snec 19:34 21 Dec 2009


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