Does anybody know anything about central heating

  acceptmyname 17:18 06 Jan 2008

When i got out of bed this morning i noticed that my radiators downstairs were cold but my rads upstairs were hot i have tried to bleed my downstairs radiators but this did not resolve the matter i think it may be my pump from my water tank that needs replacing

Has anybody else ever had this problem and how the remedyed it.

Any advive greatly appreciated

  john bunyan 17:23 06 Jan 2008

Sounds like your central heating pump is not working. If you put a large plastic handled screwdriver on it and youe ear to the end of the handle you should hear it rotating. a replacement is not too expensive. Make sure elecricity to pump is "on" !

  acceptmyname 17:25 06 Jan 2008

I dont have to put the screwdriver on it i can here rortating from about 3 inches away.

Yep electricity to pump is on

  john bunyan 17:29 06 Jan 2008

Can you hear water moving through the pipes - the pump may be rotating but not actually pumping.

  john bunyan 17:29 06 Jan 2008

Can you hear water moving through the pipes - the pump may be rotating but not actually pumping.

  acceptmyname 17:34 06 Jan 2008

yeah i think that my be the problem the pump is not actually pumping altho i know copper is very conductive the pipe that come from the pump and goes down through the floor is so hot i cant even touch it thus making me think there is water in it

  oresome 17:37 06 Jan 2008

If the pump is running, it may still be an airlock as you first thought.

Air normally collects at a high point. Try bleeding all the upstairs radiators as well as all the downstairs ones.

Make sure the header tank has water in it. The ball cock sometimes sticks in the closed position and water lost in the system is not them replenished.

It could be a blockage in the system that will require flushing out.

  john bunyan 17:40 06 Jan 2008

I had a similar problem and it was the pump. Luckily I have a Central heating insurance and a regular service arrangement so was able to get the pump replaced on the insurance - it was not that expensive, though. Good luck and I hope you solve the problem.

  octal 17:41 06 Jan 2008

If it's a Grundfos Pump they sometimes have a brass plug on top, if you unscrew it there is a hex slot inside that can be turned to get the pump moving if it's jammed.

  Bingalau 17:57 06 Jan 2008

If you are going to bleed the radiators do it when the system has been turned off for an hour or so.. I believe you get rid of more air in this way..

  acceptmyname 17:58 06 Jan 2008

oresome i wil have to get the ladder out anfd look in the loft for your suggestion thanks for advice,

John bunyan thabks for all the advice.

Octal would the plug be about 20mm and have screwdriver slot the same length as it.

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