Documents left on train

  peter99co 18:04 11 Jun 2008
  pj123 18:17 11 Jun 2008

So, anything you find on a train you hand over to the BBC?

I always thought they were handed over to the Lost Property Office?

  Forum Editor 18:17 11 Jun 2008

of seeking retribution when someone makes a genuine mistake, but in this case I sincerely hope that "a very senior intelligence official working in the Cabinet Office." is not either senior, or working in the Cabinet Office by tomorrow morning.

On the assumption that the BBC report is factually correct, the possibility that someone could do something with such serious implications for national security as this and get away with it is unthinkable.

  peter99co 18:24 11 Jun 2008

I dread to think what the lost property office would have done.

  newman35 19:47 11 Jun 2008

I would have gone to a police office as quick as I could to get it off my hands, if I'd found it.

But I also questioned why it was handed to a 'reporter' (the cynic in me says "How much is it worth for the story, guv?").
Or maybe a Tory wanting to stick it up Gordon once more (nice timing to do it at the moment the 42-hour was being announced - ah, politics, always a conspiray theory!!).

  lofty29 19:49 11 Jun 2008

It just goes to show how safe the ID card scheme will be.
FE if this is a senior person then they WILL get away with it, a quiet move sideways is the worst that will happen. Possibly even a promotion

  peter99co 19:58 11 Jun 2008

It needs to be made a public issue to keep the buggers on their toes. I hope they chuck the absent minded cretin out on his or her ear.

We need to know when things like this occur not to have it swept under carpet. At least the BBC reported an honest account. I think we might have regretted a Newspaper Editor getting their hands on it.

  laurie53 19:59 11 Jun 2008

But not until a lowly scapegoat had been found for some obscure reason, like failing to give a proper briefing or some such.

  Colin 19:59 11 Jun 2008

Being the cynic that I am, it seems too convenient to me. It's along the lines of confidential documentation being left in bin bags on a roundabout. Yeah, right!

  peter99co 20:06 11 Jun 2008

The package was supposed to be kept in a locked case during transit.

  jack 20:18 11 Jun 2008

What I was going to post is
peter99co wrote
The package was supposed to be kept in a locked case during transit.
I wanted to add
And chained to the wrist as they do in the spy movies.
Dont they do that any more

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