Doctors receptionists

  karmgord 19:13 19 Nov 2010

There has been a study to see if Doctors receptionists could be replaced by a central appointments system run over the phone.
You can bet your life to save money further, this will be sourced offshore.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:22 19 Nov 2010

Why not? I've always found them to be nosey old bags who tend to be as subtle and discrete as a flying mallet. At least using telephone bookings the harridan behind the counter will be gone and not able to broadcast loudly, to the assorted hoi polloi, what embarrassing ailments you have.


  rdave13 19:27 19 Nov 2010

"I've always found them to be nosey old bags who tend to be as subtle and discrete as a flying mallet." How true. They also think they know more about 'ailments' than the Doc.

  Brumas 20:58 19 Nov 2010

GANDALF <|:-)> and  rdave13
I disagree with you both, perhaps because I am so fortunate in that the receptionists in our village practice are little gems.When I ring up they call me by my first name and are helpfulness personified. When I ring up for a repeat prescription on a Friday they always ask if I have sufficient medication to last me over the weekend. Admittedly the population of our village is just over 1000 souls but I’d like to think I am not alone and there are others as fortunate as myself?

  canarieslover 21:15 19 Nov 2010

That is one of the advantages of living in a small village. In more urban areas we don't get the same degree of pleasant treatment from our receptionists, probably because they have more to do answering the phones, and also possibly the amount of patients who don't have English as their native tongue are a greater proportion than in small villages. I must admit to having some sympathy for them when I have stood there waiting as they try to elicit information from the person the other end of the line only to have to put up with a raised voice and demands that they should receive treatment straight away. I am probably quite patient with idiots but I am certain that even my patience would be tried at times.

  Noldi 21:17 19 Nov 2010

I’m lucky or maybe not so to live in a country where they have no NHS its all private so find that these receptionist are more than welcoming when you call possible because my visit will bring in more cash.

On a recent visit to UK I forgot some of my tablets so tried to get an appointment to see a Doctor in England and get a prescription for more tablets, first of all I was met with a wall of no chance can’t help, mentioning that I had private healthcare which seemed to bring me to front of the queue. The lady went from being a complete dragon to being my best friend, Strange.


  rawprawn 21:22 19 Nov 2010

I too live in a village, and the receptionists are excellent.
It is also very, very rarely that we are unable to see a doctor the same day.

  Bingalau 21:29 19 Nov 2010

I live in a small town, but the receptionists at our surgery are all very good as far as I am concerned, (I hope they are reading this) But apart from that I am on Christian name terms with my doctor, who is a very efficient German lady, I e-mail her personal address when I have a problem and she sorts it in no time. When I do actually get to see her I try out my German language skills on her and I think that is what made us friendly right from the first contact with her.

  rdave13 21:34 19 Nov 2010

I live in a small town. Population 4000 at best. A lot of the populate are dysfunctual families moved from England to this obscure town in Wales.
More and more violent related families do arrive.
My thoughts are that receptionists reciprocate what the public tend to be like.

  spuds 23:28 19 Nov 2010

Centralised appointment system, definitely not. I have just been involved with the NHS hospital appointment scheme, and what a shambles that turned out to be. The specialist department that should have my welfare interest at heart had a blank appointment screen. Contacting the NHS centralised call centre, I was told that their screen was the same as mine, and they would have to contact the department direct by email to make an appointment.

I received the appointment via letter, which was not acceptable to me, so back to telephone calls and all the rigmarole involved. That little episode took 2 weeks to finalise, plus added expense.

Had I been dying, what then. Die or telephoned 999?.

As it is, I have an understanding with my GP practice and the receptionist's there, and I would want it to remain so.

  babybell 23:42 19 Nov 2010

This reminds me of a Jasper Carrot sketch:

JC: I'd like to see a doctor please

Receptionist: What's wrong with you?

JC: Well, I'd just like to see a doctor please?

RC: Yes, but what's wrong with you?


RC: Well it's your own fault, you should have used a condom.

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