loser7 18:17 20 Oct 2010

Given age discrimination laws I'm not sure if i should delete my date of birth from my C.V.

I tried a quick search online but there seems to be some conflicting opinions.

I realize that anybody with common sense can work out my approximate age by reading my C.V. but should it be left out or not?

  Forum Editor 18:37 20 Oct 2010

can work out my approximate age..."

Exactly. Leave the DOB on the CV.

  fullyfitted 19:10 20 Oct 2010

Agree with FE.But when I was made redundant at 55yrsmy cv had my D.o.b. at the top of the page, I was getting few responsess so I moved it to the end of the CV and coincidence perhaps but I obtained a higher reponse rate and eventually suitable employment.

Good luck

  Al94 19:41 20 Oct 2010

Absolutely do not put your date of birth on your cv. There is no legal requirement for an employer to have this information, the aim is to get an interview, then sell yourself.

Confirmation that it is not required click here

  al's left peg 20:15 20 Oct 2010

I applied for over 30 positions with my DOB on my CV. I took it off and got the first job I applied for.

Might be a coincidence, it might not, I don't know.

If you are good enough for the job it should not make any difference how old you are. I do believe though that you get a lot of young staff at employment agencies with an attitude of ageism illegal or not.

My advice would be to take it off.

Good luck in your future applications.

  morddwyd 20:18 20 Oct 2010

Unless, of course, they are looking for experience!

  spuds 00:02 21 Oct 2010

Unless, of course, they are looking for experience!.

Would that be The Apprentice claimant's?.

But back to subject. I have known employers who have rejected an applicant because of age. To old and you might be a thorn in the side of younger staff were image is concerned?.

  MAT ALAN 07:56 21 Oct 2010

In my quest for jobs , some years ago, i was told i was too OLD too YOUNG and over qualified, many a time its if ya face fits and who you know...

  morddwyd 08:57 21 Oct 2010

I was actually selected for one job interview and the first question was, "You don't seriously expect to get another job at your age, do you?" (I was 55).

Talk about being on the back foot!

I got the job though!

  michaelw 09:02 21 Oct 2010

I know we're talking about a cv but if a company is a proper equal opportunities employer DOB wouldn't be on the application form

  loser7 11:06 21 Oct 2010

Thanks for all your comments and advise.

I will leave it out then as it seems there could be a negative impact if left in.

Thanks again.

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