Do you 'walk away' from situations!

  spuds 09:55 11 May 2008

Just wondering if its becoming more noticeable, that peoples attitudes are changing, and the 'cannot be bothered or move on' is the way of adapting to the 21st Century.

We have all perhaps experienced the customer service complaint, that the retailer or service provider should give, but appears not to. The hold-on 0870 numbers (which are shortly to be changed for something more hidden)which are costing you money, and perhaps never resolves an issue.The constant increase in utility and basic commodity prices, and what appears to be the richer are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer.

So do you eventually give up, and think life's little problems are not worth the bother, or are you like me perhaps, who regards satisfaction in whatever form paramount!.

  belfman 10:04 11 May 2008

Move on & walk away mostly. I had time off for stress related problems, I changed my shift pattern and my attiude otherwise my health inc. mental health would have become a real issue. Tensions still often run high in work and arguments will errupt but I just walk away from it.

In regards to consumer issues I tend to know how to complain (in a nice manor, without yelling or swearing) and I always choose my supplier based on how good their service is... sometimes this costs me more for the goods but I don't need agro. Other times I will just toss the item and replace it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:46 11 May 2008


"You don't need please or Thankyou with and ozzie nine millimeter"

"I'll be back"

Arnie and the terminators.

Depends, mostly I don't want the aggro but if something "gets up my nose" then I'm in there till the death.


  bremner 10:50 11 May 2008

an ozzie 9mm!!!!!!

Would that be an angry Australian or a manic aging pop star? :o)

  Forum Editor 10:57 11 May 2008

to a peaceful life is to avoid conflict. I don't mean that you should become a human door mat, or behave like a coward - there's a skill in manipulating situations so that you get your own way without people feeling aggrieved, and if you pause before reacting, your eventual response can be controlled and far more effective.

When someone upsets you it's easy to react on the spur of the moment, and far more difficult to do nothing. A pregnant silence can say more than a furious rant however, and most people know when they've made an exhibition of themselves - your controlled silence makes them feel worse.

  Taff™ 14:16 11 May 2008

Couldn`t agree more FE. After 30 years in Sales and Marketing you learn and indeed are trained to walk away from conflict situations. There`s no point in winning an argument with a customer - you lose in the long run. You either agree to differ or turn the situation around so that they come up with the right answer, even if you gave it to them. Much the same in personal life too.

As a Rugby referee I normally get the utmost respect and compliance from the players but occasionally things get out of hand. I never pull a card out of my pocket immediately. I`ll stop play, walk away some distance, summon the player(s) involved to me and surprisingly everything calms down. My judgment is then clear in my mind and delivered.

One of my favourite sayings is "You have two ears and one mouth - use them in that proportion"

  pj123 14:26 11 May 2008

Depends what the "situation" is.

I am a qualified First Aider, so I couldn't/would'nt walk away from an accident or someone in distress.

  TopCat® 18:30 11 May 2008

with advanced years my body now can't always perform as the brain dictates. I am definitely my father's son and just as he did, I try to live life without confrontation. This has not always been possible for me but a good sense of humour, the right words and a vivid imagination have calmed down many a tense situation I've encountered. When all else had failed then I could give a good account of myself, if I had to.

Now my son too is like me, except he towers over me at six foot four in his socks! He is a serving policeman in Hull and on one of his recent visits to us I was very surprised at the amount of patience he has, much more than I possess. He told me being calm under stress was part of his training and, though he meets some right villains in his job, he never loses his temper. Can't say that of myself because I tend to have a short fuse at times. :o) TC.

  laurie53 19:45 11 May 2008

A smile will sometimes turn away wrath.

So will a smack in the kisser.

  interzone55 20:37 11 May 2008

Having spent many years at the sharp end of retail, putting up with people "who regards satisfaction in whatever form paramount" I must say that I cannot be bothered with confrontation.

From bitter experience I know that a good 75% of customer service complaints have nothing to do with the person bearing the brunt of the complaint, so shouting will only stress out both parties, and in many cases just make it harder to satisfy the complainant.

There's a middle ground that will satisfy both parties, is not hard to get there if you are reasonable, but you will not get there if you raise your voice, swear or threaten physical violence.

One thing that working in retail does arm you with is a knowledge of which products are likely to give you grief, and more often than not they're the ones in the bottom half of the price scale...

  DANZIG 21:24 11 May 2008

...then you will know the true meaning of hell.


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