Do you virus scan 'All Files' when you run a scan?

  bof:) 12:51 01 May 2007

Hi all, It seems that more and more in the help pages posters are being told to always update their virus/malware scanners but no one mentions scan all files.

I know some programes may do this automatically but some do not.

Which do you do?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:56 01 May 2007

scan all files daily.

  SB23 12:58 01 May 2007

I use Avast, and when I start a scan I tick Local Disc(C:) which is all of the hard drive. I leave it at that, and let Avast do the rest.
It does leave some files unscanned at the end, but when I last checked it was restore points and a quarantine area in a antispyware program that I use.


  donki 12:58 01 May 2007

Really Fruit Bat?? Id do a weekly scan at best, is daily not a little extreme?

  Jak_1 13:28 01 May 2007

I have AVG set to scan all files, this is done daily when I am in bed, also have auto update on so I get the latest updates as they are issued. Though I can't remember when the last time I had a virus on my pc was :) and I'm connected to the net 24/7.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:42 01 May 2007

I use Avast and have set the screen saver so that it cans when ever I am away from the PC.

This of course means that it may well scan many times during the day.

Also have schedule set for 18 00 when myself or daughters will probably be on, to be sure it does at least one scan per day.
AVG antispy scans everdau as well
Hate to think how much could be lost / stolen if I waited a week before scanning and finding some "nasty"

  freaky 13:51 01 May 2007

I'm using Windows Live OneCare which I have set to scan once a week at 12 a.m. But occasionally I do a random scan.

  interzone55 15:07 01 May 2007

If your AV software is set to scan files on access, why do you need to run a full scan every day?

I scan on a sunday night, after the weekly backup, this must be sufficient, because I can't remember the last time I got a virus.

  dukeboxhero 15:17 01 May 2007

i do a full scan about twice a week for spyware maleware anti virus once a week

  riiverstock 15:21 01 May 2007

Why do I get the feeling that most people who use the free anti-virus never ever experience a 'live capture' by these programs.

It means one of two things,first being that the AVG and Avast etc continually miss then or that the surfer never goes to dangerous sites.

Recently we had the usual heated debates on whether the free A/V programs were better than the paid for ones like Norton and McAfee but no one ever mentioned whether their programs dectect and quarantine the viruses in real time.

I find that McAfee does a great job when I venture far and wide!

Therefore,I only scan my pc on rear occasions due to having installed a decent protection program.

It does seem ludicrous to have the need to constantly scan your machine off-line for nasties etc.

  octal 15:31 01 May 2007

I only scan the folder where my email are located because that's where any virus appears, it will be in there. It's not likely to touch the Linux core because it can't be written to, unless I do something silly, which is not likely.

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