Do you use your local Libraries

  techie4me 15:10 04 Sep 2007

Seems theses days they are getting used even more, not just to get books out but to go on the net as well, so do you use your local libraries?

  lisa02 15:25 04 Sep 2007

I use my local Library almost daily - their toilet facility that is. Kids always time it right for needing the loo when you're out.

They offer nothing but old tatty books (I prefer to buy my books) and the Internet is usually hogged by local kids who haven't got a computer at home, which is fine by me as they need them.

  Pine Man 15:35 04 Sep 2007

Sure do!

Not just for books but also my library has loads of up to date magazines covering all sorts of topics, which means you can read them for nothing :-)

The one problem with my library is it is no longer a quiet place to be. People are constantly on mobile phones and the noise can be quite off putting.

I am not a Victor Meldrew but I wrote to the library a short while ago because when I went one day the whole of the ground floor was cluttered with prams and push chairs with all the mums and babes in arms sitting in a circle singing songs! The mums were not there to get books or read and the babies averaged about 3-6 months old it was a social event put on by the library. My response from the library was that it was done to get children interested in reading at an early age and was going to happen weekly.

I don't believe it! :-(

  sunny staines 15:47 04 Sep 2007

if they do not have the book i want I give them the isbn number and they order it from anther library or buy it if no one has it. A first class service funded from by the rates bills.

always in there

Mine also gives me free access 24/7 from my home PC to expensive online subscription reference sites like OED, DNB, Grove Music and Grove Art.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:27 04 Sep 2007

In there every Saturday (when not away), take out three books, return them a week later.

travelling and hotels mean plenty of time for reading, sometimes work related.

I find reading is a wonderful way to relax.

  Totally-braindead 19:38 04 Sep 2007

In th library at least twice a week trying to find something to read (obviously). A good book is a lot better than the rubbish on TV most of the time.

  jack 20:03 04 Sep 2007

I have at least 3 books on the go at any one time.
Upstairs book[bedtime half an hour]
Downstairs book [When nothing on TV- most of the time] and also downstairs a what I call a 'dipping'
book on any topic factual that takes my fancy at the time.- Technology of all sorts -history - biography- arts and crafts.

  dan* 20:49 04 Sep 2007

Absolutely. I have one in the bedroom, one downstairs and one tucked in the car. Books that is, plus

The girlfriend works there:-)

  Brumas 21:00 04 Sep 2007

Couldn't do without them. In fact today was 'library day' we returned 12 books and took out 14 books - you could say we do read a lot!

  HCOOH 00:37 05 Sep 2007

It's called Baby Bounce down our way, just one of many services provided by Leisure Services(formerly Libraries). Book budgets have been slashed so the books become "old and tatty" helped by the general public who are always thinking up new ways to destroy books along with CD's and DVD's.

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