Do you use a scanner?

  Forum Editor 01:06 30 Sep 2007

This is something that has intrigued me for some time. A few years ago you couldn't have a conversation about computing without scanners coming into it. Every time I visited a client the subject would come up - which one to buy? or how can I get my scanner working properly?

Nowadays I hardly ever hear about scanners, and I certainly haven't used mine for ages. In fact I've had the same scanner sitting here for about three years, doing nothing at all.

Am I alone in that - has the age of the scanner passed, or am I missing something?

  ayrmail 01:11 30 Sep 2007

My partner is visually impaired and her hand shakes so she uses it al the time to fill in forms, I tend to only ever use it as a photo copier.

  mrwoowoo 01:20 30 Sep 2007

My scanner jammed up about 6 months ago.Although wd40 sorted it out,on plugging it back in it kept knocking out my usb ports and i have been without one since.
Apart from a school photo of my boys that i wanted to scan,(naughty)i can honestly say that i haven't even thought about it.
Wow! I just looked down and it is covered in dust.LOL.I,and my wife apparently totally forgot about it.
I really must throw it out.
When new i used it nearly every day.Now i can't think of a use for it.
The novelty value of scanners has died a death i feel.So yes,the age of the scanner has passed for me.

  WhiteTruckMan 01:23 30 Sep 2007

partly due to the advent of all in one printer/scanners, and partly due to the rise in digital photography. The former was for the covenience of saving space, and the latter meant the creation of digital image files directly from the camera rather than the developers and then scan.

In our household we have a multitude of printers, but a humble HP psc1215 serves our scanning/copying needs very nicely. It usually gets used at least twice a week, and is rediculously simple to use compared with previous flatbeds, all long since gone to the landfill.

Of course, you could argue that you use a scanner every time you use the self service checkout at a supermarket...


  rdave13 01:26 30 Sep 2007

No. Not used it to scan anything as any replication I need to do can be done online.

  Jak_1 01:48 30 Sep 2007

I used mine last week for the first time in nearly 2 years, however it is handy to have when you do need it.

  jakimo 02:15 30 Sep 2007

Used mine just this week,after a 2 month lapse.

I use mine mainly for photography,copying prints or scanning slides & negatives,which I then edit & print.slides can cost over a £1 per print for a 5x7 if processed commercially (Jessops e.g.)

  WhiteTruckMan 02:39 30 Sep 2007

I'm curious. How do you scan a photographic negative?


  Snec 03:05 30 Sep 2007

I use a scanner to keep copies of documents rather than filing hard copy. In fact I've got a filing system on my computer for the purpose, backed up to an external hard drive for safety. After all these years I'm about as 'paper free' as it is possible to be.

Since retiring I dabble in repairing old photos too, and the scanner is used for that of course.

Also some of my neighbours who don't have a computer will occasionally bring stuff round to be copied.

So, yes, I use mine quite a bit.

  John B 05:40 30 Sep 2007

Yes I do use a scanner.

For 35mm negatives and old-photograph repairs, and as Snec says, for copying important documents.

  Simsy 06:25 30 Sep 2007

I have, and use mine.

It's a Canon 630U, bought when I got my PC in spring 2000, and it's still working well. In fact, I've been so happy with mine, particularly the easy interface and the Canon "toolbox", that I managed to get one of the same model secondhand, on eBay, for my sister a year ago, when setting her up with some more equipment.

Originally mine was used more for photographs, but now it's used mostly to scan documents, such as application forms, that need posting.

It's not in daily use, but is used several times per month.

My sister uses hers a lot when preparing work. She does a lot of teaching, and uses the scanner with prepared texts and makes use of OCR to good effect.

(My other sister has an all-in-one, bought when she got her PC about 4 years ago. It does get a lot of use, but I think more for it's copying ability than as a means to get stuff into the PC.)



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