Do you understand the offside rule...?

  Quickbeam 06:52 25 Jan 2011

Yeah, it's this story click here

I can't for the life of me spot a football offside without seeing a replay and I'm sure I'm not the only one. I also watch lots of cricket and admire the ability of of umpires to spot what I cant in a fraction of a second.

Any professional referee is just that, a trained professional that knows much more than most spectators and players.

  morddwyd 07:53 25 Jan 2011

What is so sad about this is that it is not just an off the cuff, light-hearted (but nevertheless offensive) dig, but appears to be a seriously held, entrenched opinion.

No matter what discussion takes place, or what disciplinary action takes place, that opinion is unlikely to change.

  michaelw 08:58 25 Jan 2011

Do you understand the offside rule...?

As I'm in touch with my feminine side - no.

  birdface 09:19 25 Jan 2011

I must admit having watched the clip on TV the player did look well offside and most of the crowd thought so as well.
But with the slow playback of the camera action it showed that the referee was spot on and was in direct line with the players at the time.
If she had been wrong on her decision it could have been the end of lady referee's but she showed that what she new what she was doing and has opened the door for others to follow.
Whether she is strong enough to take the insults and bad language from players and fans is another thing.

  HondaMan 09:42 25 Jan 2011

"Do you understand the offside rule...?"

No. Offside, onside, it's just a bunch of blokes kicking the life out of a bit of leather and rubber or plastic filled with air. I gave up on that when I was 4!

  mr simon 09:43 25 Jan 2011

Yes I understand the offside rule. The basics off it are not very complex, but there are now so many other laws surrounding it that calling a player offside can often lack objectivity - it is up to the referee to decide if they are active/gaining advantage etc.

As for the female running the line, yes she made a good call on that incident but she also made a howler calling Torres offside when he was clearly on later in the game. Bottom line is though, male linesmen make mistakes week in and week out, yet their integrity and understanding of the rules is never called into question. It is merely shrugged off as being "only human to make errors". Women in football should be judged by the same measure.

  Bingalau 10:06 25 Jan 2011

I think they should do away with the offside rule altogether. It has got gradually more complicated over the years.

If it didn't exist the results would be a lot different as it may (repeat) "may" lead to higher goal scoring. Surely that is what spectators want anyway.

It may also result in an entirely different approach to the game by players and the manager. Maybe a return to the formation of two full backs three centre halves and five forwards.

Womens' football is better than mens' football by the way. Certainly better to watch on the telly and I don't mean just because they are more attractive looking. As for female officials, well I watched the game we are all talking about, I didn't even notice we had a female running the line.

  QuizMan 10:13 25 Jan 2011

spider9 - it is a nice thought, but can you really see Wayne Rooney caring one jot if the linesman (person?) is male/female/martian. He will still let rip.

  dagbladet 10:43 25 Jan 2011

"Womens' football is better than mens' football by the way. Certainly better to watch on the telly"

What, all womens football is better than all mens football...on the telly?

In what way

  dagbladet 10:43 25 Jan 2011


  morddwyd 10:45 25 Jan 2011

Any incidents during the game, whether dealt with properly or not, are hardly relevant, since these remarks were made before the game, before the official in question had even been given a chance.

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