Do you think the BBC should charge for some iPlayer use?

  PC Advisor 16:11 17 Jan 2012

What do you think about the news that the BBC is considering charging for iPlayer use?

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  spuds 16:41 17 Jan 2012

Pay as you view television as been around a long time now. So I suppose charging for iPlayer will not make a great deal of difference to some users?.

Whether I would pay extra for it, is a different matter, because I very really use it, like a number of television and radio programs.

  sunnystaines 17:04 17 Jan 2012

no, i pay for a tv licence. they overpay a lot of their staff, if they are short of cash that is where they need to look.

  Joseph Kerr 17:19 17 Jan 2012

I'm not really bothered. If they do, I wont use it, but I find it hard to get excited either way.

I'm just not going to pay for every little thing anyone sees an opportunity to charge for online, even though I know servers cost money. I also have a pocket, and it has to say no to the "drip drip" effect sooner or later.

  john bunyan 17:39 17 Jan 2012

I agree with sunnystaines. I use a DVD recorder for time shift and the BBC should provide the iPlayer as part of the Licence, even if they have to make savings such as getting rid of BBC3 or Digital Radio (not TV) and nonsense jobs of which there are too many in the BBC.

  Al94 17:56 17 Jan 2012

Why on earth would I? Sometimes I use it if I have forgotten to set Sky + to record but I will never pay for it. Apart from anything else, even on a 23meg BT Infinity it still buffers a bit in the evening so why pay and risk imperfection when better Sky+ planning is the answer.

  wiz-king 19:40 17 Jan 2012

If it's been on TV then it should be free to British viewers but I would not mind them charging non-license payers.

  CurlyWhirly 19:47 17 Jan 2012

I would no longer use the BBC iPlayer if I had to pay for it as I already pay for it with my TV licence.

  morddwyd 20:47 17 Jan 2012

Non-licence payers should certainly pay.

They are not just getting something for nothing, but they are also getting something I've paid for.

  carver 20:51 17 Jan 2012

If I had to pay to use iPlayer then I just wouldn't use it, I think the fee is already high enough for the BBC without having to pay extra.

  Quickbeam 08:57 18 Jan 2012

Poll question (don't you just hate it when the options get queried!).

Isn't No, the Licence Fee is already too high. and It should stay the same as it is now. effectively the same option? Currently they are both on 26%, making it a combined 52% No, leave it alone, we've already paid for it vote.

I know, you hate me now don't you...

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