Do you think the "BBC is rubbish?"

  TOPCAT® 17:44 26 Apr 2007

Well, this guy certainly does - click here - and in some respects I tend to agree with him. At one time you could actually set your timepieces by their punctuality in scheduled broadcasting, but unfortunately not anymore. TC.

  pj123 17:55 26 Apr 2007

Yes, I agree. All TV is rubbish.

I have freeview and motorised satellite which gives me about 4000 channels, all "free to air"

I never watch it any more.

  Flak999 17:55 26 Apr 2007

I think the BBC is still a broadcaster second to none! Theirs is the model that so many broadcasting organisations aspire to, I for one have the BBC news website as my home page, and whilst I agree that there is a move to dumb down certain facets of their output, on the whole I still think they do a very good job.

  mobileman1953 17:56 26 Apr 2007

bbc should advertise and scrap licence, or people should be able to opt out of bbc services and just watch the rest free

  Dizzy Bob 18:28 26 Apr 2007

The BBC is much more than TV. My home page is BBC news, I listen to Radio 4/5 in the car, the main TV channel i watch is BBC2.

Try watching just Sky 1 for a while to see what TV without the license fee would be like. Wall to wall debt consolidation adverts - no thanks.


  Kate B 18:30 26 Apr 2007

I saw that piece and thought it facile and ill-considered. The BBC is superb - as Dizzy Bob says, it's much more than just television.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:35 26 Apr 2007

The BBC website is worth more than the licence fee on it's it with Sky's' poor attempt. I listen to radio programmes in crystal clear sound whenever I want using the 'Listen again' feature. Anyone who thinks that the equivalent cost of a pint and a half of beer per week is expensive for this service is totally barking IMHO.


  Watchful 18:43 26 Apr 2007

I love the BBC.

  Forum Editor 18:53 26 Apr 2007

would do well to travel a little more, and take a look at the stuff that's transmitted by other national networks - then he might view the BBC from a slightly different perspective.

Someone who writes this:

"In a story on the Prime Minister, the BBC news anchor will interview the BBC Political Editor, rather than the man himself. A science correspondent will be wheeled in to explain some new technical wonderment, rather than the boffins who developed it and an economics reporter will be interviewed on some shady business deal instead of the man who's just fled the country taking the pension fund with him."

Is in serious need of some education on how news-gathering and transmission works. I hardly think the man who just fled the country with the pension fund is going to make himself available for press interviews.

GANDALF <|:-)>'s on the money with his comment about the BBC news site - it's the best in the world, bar none; in fact the BBC website is the best broadcasting network site in the world, bar none.

  georgemac © 18:56 26 Apr 2007

I too like the BBC - think the news in particular and a lot of the documentaries are superb. Planet Earth was superb.

If I had to choose between my license fee and the exorbitant amount I give to Sky every month (that always increase by more than inflation) I know which I would choose, easy BBC. If Sky did not have the football they would be finished. However my son would probably choose Sky for something like the Simpsons?

  wee eddie 18:57 26 Apr 2007

but compared to the opposition it is brilliant and as for the License Fee, it's infinitessimal compared to that of Sky or any of the others.

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