Do you talk to the neibours?

  Quickbeam 13:36 07 May 2008

click here I talk regularly to those 4 doors either side and know several on the way to the park with the dog.

I find it strange that some people never speak to their neighbours.

  MrCutter 13:46 07 May 2008

I do speak to our neighbours once in a while.
Unlike one neighbour who knows everything that happens in the road.
She would make a great spy!!

  Shortstop 13:50 07 May 2008

I live in a small, private road with just 2 other neighbours. I regularly speak to them - but I take on board your comments.

I agree 100% with the comments about walking dogs. The amazing thing to us is that EVERYONE knows us!! We have 2 dogs - a German Shepherd & a Miniature Yorkshire Terrier - and walk them 3 or 4 times a day usually, but not in this heat, so I would imagine that we are easily remembered. Most of the people call them 'Little & Large' - well, I assume that they mean the dogs! So much so that people recognise us and we will stop & talk to people - some for the first time - who tell us that they regularly see us out and about with our dogs :o)



  JanetO 13:51 07 May 2008

When we used to live we had a neighbour, a regular churchgoer, who used to fling bits of broken glass into our garden amongst other things. The kids were toddlers so it was very dangerous.

We get on with all our neighbours where we've been for 20 years.

  Brumas 14:58 07 May 2008

We are very fortunate, our next door neighbours are a wonderful old couple and I pop in and out at least twice a day in case they need anything from the shops etc. but more often than not for no reason. It sounds corny but they treat me like a second son and, as my parents are long gone, I treat them with the same love and respect I did with them.
He is 85 and an old hill shepherd yet he still puts in four rows of potatoes and tends a fair sized vegetable plot putting me to shame!
The other side are nice folk who regularly speak to us but I don’t seek their company. The rest of the street who live in the old houses and bungalows are canny neighbours, however the ‘younger’ people who live in the newer builds further down are a bit too noisy for us but they do not pose a problem.

  €dstowe 16:47 07 May 2008

I live (and work) in a fairly small village where everyone knows everyone else.

Some of the "incomers" i.e. people seeking so called seclusion out in the wilds are very stand-offish such that they think they are a cut above everyone else.

My neighbours live a fair distance away with one family who I get on with very well and the other wouldn't even offer you the pickings from their collective noses.

  Jim Thing 16:53 07 May 2008

Yes, I certainly talk to my neighbours and, because I live alone these days, I value their friendship.

My home is one of 30-odd apartments in a retirement complex for over-55s. This has a great deal going for it: we're all good friends, nobody rocks the boat, and any occasional, inevitable differences of opinion are rare and always amicably resolved.

Best of all I'm no longer troubled by neighbours like the couple who felt entitled to play 'Man Hitting Bucket With Big Stick: Greatest Hits' — incessantly, with the windows open and the wick turned up full bung. It became a matter of either selling up or taking direct action, either through the courts or with a blunt instrument, so I sold up.

  interzone55 17:04 07 May 2008

We used to regularly speak to one lot of neighbours, but basically they were using us because my wife worked at the school where they wanted to send their lad, as soon as she left that school they dropped us like a brick.

Some of our other neighbours we say hello to when we pass in the street. The guy two doors down though is a total loon, we only speak to him when we're returning rubbish he's dumped by our house where the bins are left...

  Legolas 18:26 07 May 2008

We have great neighbours on both sides. On one side the neighbour puts our Wheelie bin out and brings it back in every week, as I am at my work and my father is 87 this is a great help, the same neighbour looks after our cat if we go away.

The neighbour on the other side is also brilliant he has been there for years and his parents before him.

The other week I was watching telly and I noticed the sound of a petrol hedge trimmer in the background I never gave it much thought tll I looked out the window and there was Jack cutting my hedge I went out and thanked him and told him I would come out and sweep up the trimming, no bother he said I have one of these things that suck them up.

In no time jack had the hedge trimmed and the cuttings away. Good neighbours are worth their weight in gold.

  Bingalau 18:39 07 May 2008

I have good neighbours too, Next door one way used to be a plumber and was very handy in times of emergency as he still had all his tools. Now he is too old to bother and I notice lately he's drinking a lot more than is good for him. (Look who's talking). Opposite our house we have a youngish couple who are very friendly, we get on well with them probably because we have a relative who works in a cake shop and brings us cakes for free in the evening about twice a week, we pass them over to the young couple, because they have children who jump up and down with glee when they see me crossing the road with the tell-tale box. But I also think there is a lot of truth in the old saying "High fences make good neighbours". Especially if you have the nosey ones.

  spuds 19:02 07 May 2008

We must be very fortunate, because we get on extremely well with all our neighbours, and them likewise. We do not live in each others houses, as they saying goes, but we all know if any help, advice or a shoulder to lean on is required, then its available.

Some friends of ours, moved about six months ago to a bigger property in a location about a mile from their previous home, where they had lived for over 12 years. On moving into the 'new' house they received welcome cards, drinks and food from their new neighbours and offers of help.And the neighbour friendship still remains. In all the years at the previous place, they found that people barely spoke to each over, if at all.

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