Do you like Speakers Corner?

  Forum Editor 18:44 23 Apr 2007

Is this forum area something you feel good about, or would we be better off without it - come to that, what about the other sections, do you think we should do away with any of them, merge them together, or have something completely new?

Do you sit there, watching for new threads to appear, hoping for a nice juicy subject to crop up, or do you wander off and do other things, checking in occasionally to see how we're doing?

I hope we can talk about these things without getting into personalities, I don't want to see comments about individuals, just your thoughts about content. Are we meeting your expectations in that respect? It's your forum, and maybe you think it should go in other directions?

  €dstowe 18:46 23 Apr 2007


  Kate B 18:53 23 Apr 2007

I enjoy Speakers Corner and I'd be sad if it went. I was thinking today, though, that it was time to retire the separate Vista section and just include Vista problems in the helproom.

  pj123 18:57 23 Apr 2007

In a word. Yes.

  Curio 18:58 23 Apr 2007

getting to prefer Speakers Corner to the other offerings. As Kate B says, Vista could easily be combined wih helproom.

  anskyber 19:01 23 Apr 2007

Speakers Corner is fine, sometimes boring (but then I should perhaps start a thread) and sometimes interesting. Issues can be repetitive and because there are some very familiar "faces" responses are somewhat predictable. I have therefore become more selective when choosing to reply and maybe less thoughtful given what I expect back.

Looking at the number of posts on the face of it the SC is a success and for some it would appear to be the only place I see them, not a criticism I might add.

It's harmless really. Major conflagrations eventually die down and underneath it all there is mostly respect between "combatants" You are at the top of the tree FE and I understand what it feels like to be on the receiving end of complaints from unhappy people ( honestly I really do) but perching on your branch can sometimes give a slightly untrue picture when compared with the likes of the rest of us alone in front of our PCs.

PCA website has much to commend it so I think little needs change. I tend to hop around looking for something interesting and I occasionally wonder whether all the sub forums are really needed.

  anskyber 19:02 23 Apr 2007

I agree with the point about Vista.

  [email protected] 19:06 23 Apr 2007

I pop in and out several times a day, depending how busy I am. Speakers corner is always my first port of call and I would hate to see it go. I would say that this is where the most interesting threads tend to crop up. Yes, some of them do get heated at times but it's all part of the fun.

  charmingman 19:09 23 Apr 2007

FE please dont have the idea of "Scrapping" Speakers Corner its a place where not just heated debates happen but a HUB of info that many of us members use everyday...!!
i think we all (Memebers) can understand the administration behind keeping this section running but i would be honest if it was deleted i would only visit the site when i needed your helproom & nothing else...
keep it alive...!!!

  wee eddie 19:10 23 Apr 2007

But if it's removal would speed up the whole site. Then it's loss would not be catastrophic.

It's fun, frequently interesting and often opens my mind up to subjects, topic, ideas and attitudes that I might not otherwise consider.

However I don't think the one really needs to archive the threads in SC for more than a couple of months.

  big bloke66 19:10 23 Apr 2007


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