Do you really NEED a new OS or a newPC??

  Newuser38 10:26 25 Sep 2006

I think we have probably been here before but I started thinking after reading a comment in the Vista thread about not being able to run it.

I am trying it and Office 2007 dual booted on a PC I built for my granchildres, and me, to play games on and not mess up my main machine which is an old HP(8685) Pavilion.

I only NEED a pc for internet contact, word processing, accounts, and statistics. I dont need vista for that in fact most of it would work on the 98 partition of the Pavilion. (It is dual booted with XP.)

My family decided I was techy mad years ago, and answering my own question I still need the challenge of new techy things in retirement. Having said that, are a lot of people persuaded that they need the latest system etc when it will only add, for example,to the debt which they have already accumulated, by buying other things they have been persuaded they need.

My generation, by and large, only bought things when they had the cash to afford them. Credit has of course enabled people like microsoft etc to make their billions, but do we NEED??

  Cymro. 10:46 25 Sep 2006

Like you Newuser I also wonder if it is all a bit of a con. But if Windows did not bring out another new system then someone else would, Windows would then be out of pocket. I dare say that all home computers will eventually come with the new Vista fitted as standard anyway, so we will all end up on that system sooner or latter.

The smart thing to do is wait at least 18 months before even considering Vista.This should allow time for Service Pack 1 to be brought out.Also,if the prices are as high as those already leaked,there may be a slow takeup of the new O.S., and Microsoft may well reduce the price to move the warehouse loads they would have on their hands. My own guess is that this is one new operating too far, and initially the bulk of the sales will be with new computers where the cost of volume purchase is considerably lower than a one off upgrade purchase.

  skeletal 15:47 25 Sep 2006

What I NEED is software that works without crashing. It is a rare week that goes by without at least one crash/freeze of some sort; occasionally I get several a day.

This is far better than W98 days where I averaged about 3 crashes a day, but there is still a long way to go; only time will tell whether Vista/Office 2007 is any better.

I also NEED a MUCH faster computer. I only have an Athlon 2700 with 1G memory. This dinosaur gives me a frame rate of about 2 to 4 when I’m busy in my favourite game X3 Reunion; thus, crudely put, I need an Athlon 27,000 to get a playable framerate. I want to get one of the new Core duos, but I expect this will only be about twice as fast; still a framerate of nearly 10 would be better than I’ve got now!

As an after thought, why do mags use the tests they do? “Simple” games like Doom are often used, but it is academic to try to differentiate between 80 and 100fps. Use X3 in a multi-ship battle for a real test. I wonder if anything would get above 10 fps.


  DrScott 16:22 25 Sep 2006

Nope. But Vista will be pretty! I'm in the waiting game too, and will hang on until the middle of next year to see what benefits the new OS will offer. Eventually, I'm sure I will migrate but that kind of depends on any new software that will NEED Vista.

Skeletal - you should see a huge improvement if your frame rate with a dual core duo 2, obviously more of a difference the more you spend. However, you'll find the graphics should run better with a graphic card upgrade - if you didn't get about 10fps I'd be suprised.

  Pesala 16:30 25 Sep 2006

I'm using a 1Ghz AMD Athlon with 384 Mbytes RAM running Windows ME, bought over five years ago. I don't want to upgrade to Windows XP, let alone Windows Vista.

Crashes are not a problem. If a program crashes too much then I use a different program. If a program crashes only once a day or so, then I just reboot the PC and get back to work. It usually happens only when I'm trying to run four or five programs at once.

I collect magazine cover disk programs and freeware to do what I need to do. My latest discovery was Micrografx Picture Publisher 6.0 click here which dates from 1996. It is better than any more recent program I have tried including Adobe PhotoShop 7 and Corel PhotoPaint 9. The latest programs often won't even run on my PC, let alone run fast.

Don't follow the crowd. If people hang on to their old kit until it expires from natural causes it will help a little to alleviate problems of land fill, waste disposal, and global warming.

Microsoft and other software companies will gradually realise that they need to offer better products or lower prices to stay in business.

  Input Overload 17:53 25 Sep 2006

I'm going to pre-order Vista final to have it in my paws on release day. I've already upgraded my mainboard, ram, & graphics card in preparation. Why? Because it will bring me pleasure.

  Forum Editor 19:01 25 Sep 2006

"Why? Because it will bring me pleasure."

Well said. I think you and Newuser38 have summed up what millions of computer users feel. very few people need Vista, or Office 2007, or a host of other programs which will be launched over the next year or so.

very few people need top-of-the-line graphics cards, or the latest in computer cases, or speaker sets.

For the vast majority of home computer users the whole point of it all is that it's fun, whether they're manipulating their photographs, designing their own website, or playing the latest game. It's the 21st century, and computer technology can provide an enormous amount of enjoyment.

Every time there's a major new launch we see lots of people who say "I shan't be buying the latest thing, my five-year-old machine running Windows 98 can still do what I need to do, and I don't see the point of changing".

Well fair enough, there's nothing wrong with that, but there's also nothing wrong with being an 'early adopter'. They're the people who can't wait for the latest version of Windows to hit the shelves, or for that new gizmo that's going to make everything faster, or easier, or better-looking. The Indstry needs this market sector badly.

I've been using Longhorn/Vista ever since it went into beta testing; I've watched it go through several stages of development, I've taken part in beta panel discussions and special newsgroups, and I've provided Microsoft with reams of feedback. In my own small way I hope I've contributed to the way it will look and behave when it goes into the shops.

It now looks absolutely beautiful, has lots of interesting and useful goodies, is going to be incredibly stable, and will make my computing experience that much more enjoyable. I earn my living from computers, I use them for hours every day, and anything that makes my working life easier and/or more enjoyable is getting my vote.

  Forum Editor 19:04 25 Sep 2006

that exactly the same comments apply to Microsoft Office 2007.

I'm already hooked - been using it for many months, and I'll watch its debut with interest. Do I need it? Of course not, but I'm not about to be parted from it

  Amyfa 19:21 25 Sep 2006

I remember installing windows xp the day it came out and boy what a nightmare that was. Nothing worked I had no modem no scanner no printer, it was a big learning curve for me. However this time my computer is ready and waiting for the arrival of Vista. I have learnt a lot over the years. Do I need it maybe not but I want it.

  lisa02 19:39 25 Sep 2006

Do you really need anything other than the essentials to living?

Most people say no but I love having nice new shiny things ;) and I'd be sad if I didn't get them.

I'll be keeping this machine which is less than a year old for others in the house to use. I've already justified having two computers - so I'll be getting my Vista one... although I haven't tried the beta what I've been reading is very very enticing.

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