do you like michael moore style films

  sunny staines 14:17 03 Sep 2006

click here

this film is in the style of michael moore's film of 911 and raises some intresting points, the start of the film is red ticker tape for a few minutes after that the documentry film starts. it is 1hr 30 mins long but leaves you glued to the screen.

what do you think of it?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:02 03 Sep 2006

I regard Moore as a huge conman. He is expert at taking soundbites from speeches/interviews and leaving out the relevant parts. He really need to examine the phrase 'taking things out of context' and it amazes me that people think he is a genius for this. Moore fanboys they might like to cast an eye over click here click here click here

Of course M.Moore might be the next media God and all the attacks on him are CIA led.......I have to say, having seen all his *ahem* documentaries, the CIA need not work too hard to attack him.


  sunny staines 18:39 03 Sep 2006

this documentry is not m.moore but similar. the clip shows topics that may be difficult to give a logical answer. I am still undecided after watching it and gets me thinking more about some of the evidence.

  Forum Editor 18:56 03 Sep 2006

Ditto to that.

He's a sensationalist. His films contain little that has the ring of truth about it. They're the worst kind of exploitation of an audience I've yet to see.

He's been hailed as some kind of innovator - a man who 'tells it like it is', but in truth he's simply someone who ignores reality and goes for the sensation. "Never mind the quality, feel the width" srings to mind.

  sunny staines 19:54 03 Sep 2006

never realised these style programs were so unpopular, i have an open mind and they make me think twice about what both sides are saying.

nice to get a respose though.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:03 03 Sep 2006

His films do not ' make me think twice', they lead and force you into what he wants you to think. There is something well creepy about him.


  wolfie3000 20:09 03 Sep 2006

If micheal Moore wrote for a paper it would be the sunday sport.

  Kate A 21:06 03 Sep 2006

Whatever your opinion of Moore's politics or his films' tendency to be sensationalist, you surely must appreciate that he raises some questions which some people would rather keep buried.

Do you think for a second that if his films weren't made in the style that they are, that he would get the audiences he does - or that they would get the publicity which accompanies each of his films?

Perhaps a more interesting question for G, FE et Al to answer would be:
Do you agree with Moore that there is a massive problem with the availability of guns and ammunition in the US?
Do you agree with Moore that there should be more transparency in the US regarding those in the administration and their links with industry?
Do you agree with Moore that major corporations should have some responsibility in terms of helping thousands of workers who are laid off when those corporations decide to relocate?

These are just three of the issues which are covered in his films. In my opinion, if his films have helped to encourage some changes, and if these changes have helped a few peoples' lives, then I think he's doing a good job.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:26 03 Sep 2006

No problem with the questions but I do have a problem when someone needs to force people to think his way....if the problems are so real he would not need to be a little 'economical' with the truth. Kinda dilutes the problems or suggests that they are a little bit over-stated.


  Kate A 21:50 03 Sep 2006

"If the problems are so real"!?! Which of the "problems" mentioned above do you think might not be real?

You state that Moore is "Economical with the truth?" and "Forcing people to think his way?".

I'll skip the fact that he's making movies, he's not actually "forcing" anyone to think in any particular way. But bearing in mind he's trying to battle the experts in those two fields (i.e. being economical with the truth and forcing people to think his way), I think he's got a long way to go before he gets anywhere near the Bush administration.

In your next post will you claim that Fox News is 'fair and balanced'?

  Kate A 22:18 03 Sep 2006

I don't disagree that the Government's decision to outlaw handguns wasn't necessarily an appropriate response to the Dunblame tragedy. However, gun use in the UK can't be compared with the US.

In the UK, you can't go into ASDA and buy yourself weapons and ammunition with no proper checks in place. In parts of the US there's no requirement for authorities to keep records on individuals who've bought weapons. There's no need to prove you're who you say you are when you buy a weapon.

US Immigration fingerprints all visitors entering and leaving the country, which is a reasonable step to take in the fight against terrorism. I would hope that they'd do the same for each US citizen who buys a gun.

As for whether Moore is "as manipulative as the political practices he condemns" - I can't agree with you. To be honest I think you'd be very hard pushed to find anyone who would agree - at least anyone well-informed enough to give an authoritative opinion on the subject.

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