Do you logoff this site when you've finished..

  arris 01:33 06 May 2007

Or do you stay logged in cause you can't be bothered typing your email and password everytime?

  mco 07:26 06 May 2007

the latter

  octal 07:39 06 May 2007

I never log out on this computer on any of the sites, even though two other members of the family use this computer, access to each profile is password protected.
Only I have the Root Admin's password.

  p;3 08:01 06 May 2007

to maintain good computing habits I log out of every site I visit as I have the use of shared computers at work and safety, confidentiality and my survival on line is paramount

I am sure many members dont though

  Brumas 09:12 06 May 2007

No, it is more convenient for me that way. The computer is in our home and we are the only people to use it.

  jack 09:14 06 May 2007

No never have
As this activity is interspersed with other stuff
when I have finished for the day I Hibernate
so that I come back to where I left off- whatever I am doing at the time.

  wee eddie 09:16 06 May 2007

I don't log out of this site, but do of any site that requires real Security Passwords. e.g. Banks etcetera

  Forum Editor 09:34 06 May 2007

to learn how many people leave their computers running constantly when they're not in use.

I can understand that happening in a business setting,but why leave your machine running all night if it's not in use? Possibly these same computers are being left connected to a broadband service, too, which is another bad habit.

  Spark6 10:16 06 May 2007

I used to log out but haven't done so for the last couple of years. This computer is shut down, and isolated at the mains, together with the router after each and every session. Makes sense to me!

  Watchful 10:36 06 May 2007

No, I don't log out but neither do I leave my comp running all the time.

I exit by the red cross.

  johndrew 10:55 06 May 2007

I always log out of any membership site I visit. It seems fair to those who run the site as they often like to know who is really there.

I also turn my PC off when I`ve finished using it as I have to pay the electric bill (every little helps) and it cuts down the risk of fire.

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