do you live in the USA and own a dog?

  p;3 22:47 09 Apr 2007

if so;can you please explain this? I watch a lot of animal welfare programs from the USA ,including Animal Precinct; what I have noticed is that the dogs seem to be treated , not as family pets or family members , but as 'something that is there'

why are they seemingly normally chained up in a garden or piece of land ?what happened to freeedom of movement and being part OF the family and treated as such with respect and care?

IS it an American 'practice'TO keep a pet (dog) in the back yard chained up? and NOT allowed in the house; why is it not allowed in the house?

  Kate B 22:51 09 Apr 2007

I think you're in danger of believing that documentaries on individuals are somehow representative of the whole.

  Forum Editor 23:01 09 Apr 2007

Perhaps because it's a dog.

I have a friend who is a dog trainer of many years experience. He also runs a pretty big, and well-respected boarding kennels. He is certainly a dog-lover in anyone's books, and yet his own two dogs live outside. They have warm, clean kennels, are well-fed and exercised, and quite obviously happy.

My friend says that there are far too many people in this country who think of themselves as dog-lovers when in fact they're dog-spoilers. Dogs are not meant to live in centrally-heated houses and sleep on sofas. It's unhygienic and unnecessary as far as the dog's concerned.

  Woolwell 23:04 09 Apr 2007

Some dogs do live in houses in the USA judging by this site:
click here

  Kate B 23:10 09 Apr 2007

Yikes, that forum has petowners posting as "mommy"

*attempting to type with cat on lap* ;-)

  Forum Editor 23:15 09 Apr 2007

*attempting to type with finger down throat*

  Woolwell 23:15 09 Apr 2007

Kate B

Being a dog lover I like the pictures but I too find the wording OTT. Did you click through the pictures and see the award of bones and the comments?

  Woolwell 23:18 09 Apr 2007

2 quotes from the link I posted:

"how cute! Very nice, I myself have 2 babies that were brought in directly from the streets... "

"Oh, that eyeliner she has, and those melty brown eyes! They go right to my heart. She looks like a total sweetheart, with a good dose of spunk mixed in. Have fun with your new baby!"

Pass the sick bag to the Forum Editor.

  Kate B 23:23 09 Apr 2007

*reaches for another sick bag*

Yup, "mommy" ;-) I understand loving your pet - I have a beloved 17-year-old mog - but she is a cat, not my child.

  PurplePenny 23:53 09 Apr 2007

I do so agree! I don't want children so why would I want my cat to be my child?

  Forum Editor 00:07 10 Apr 2007

I think it's pretty common for cat and dog owners to refer to themselves as 'mummy' when talking to the animal - it's harmless enough I suppose.

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