Do you know what these word mean

  Legolas 14:33 18 Jun 2007

I was reading that because police forces from throughout the UK can now make information to other forces easily available they have asked that Scottish forces stop using such words and phrases as jakey, barny and shoot the crow.

As a Scot I know what these words describe do you?

  Legolas 14:34 18 Jun 2007

Should have said try it without google

  Si_L 14:37 18 Jun 2007

Nah I haven't the foggiest, I have heard the word jakey used by Frankie Boyle, a comedian, on Mock the Week. Went over most of the crowds heads.

  Legolas 14:40 18 Jun 2007

Might have spelt barny wrong should be spelt barney

  pj123 14:40 18 Jun 2007

The only one I know is jakey, which I think is a meth's drinker.

  Si_L 14:43 18 Jun 2007

What does shoot the crow mean?

  dukeboxhero 14:46 18 Jun 2007

being from glasgow i could add a few more

  Legolas 14:46 18 Jun 2007

jake/jakey Noun. 1. A drunk, a meths drinker. Derog. [Scottish/Glasgow use?]
2. A down and out, a homeless person. Derog. [Scottish/Glasgow use?]

shoot the crow means to go as in I am a bit late so I better shoot the crow although we would normally pronounce crow as craw so I would probably say I,m a bit late so I better shoot the craw.

  Legolas 14:48 18 Jun 2007

dukeboxhero Im from Paisley so we share a common language ;-) Feel free to add more

  laurie53 15:54 18 Jun 2007

Wait till they're asked to give a hand with a stramash!


  Legolas 16:07 18 Jun 2007

lol. We can always get Archie McPherson to explain it ;-)

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