Do you know someone who is frightened

  Forum Editor 17:25 16 Sep 2007

of using the internet?

According to a BT spokesperson "The gap between the competent internet user and those who have never been online has never been greater." and the company is setting up an investigation into the reasons that prevent many people from using the internet.

It's being suggested that for many the technology itself is frightening, and creates stress. In contrast to that, regular internet users can find it a relaxing experience.

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  Legolas 17:33 16 Sep 2007

I can understand that although I personally find it relaxing

  crosstrainer 17:39 16 Sep 2007

Some years ago, I ran community courses for adults wishing to become I.T. users. I found that after the age of 35(ish) the "fear factor" became greater. This seemed to be not internet specific, but more a case of "oh, but I'll break it" This was a very common fear, and in some cases, could not be overcome...Even when explaining that nothing would "break".

I decided to start the courses with a user understandable and very brief hardware and software overview. This seemed to calm fears, and I encourged people to explore and discover what things did....This, after all is how most of us old hands learned.

I clearly remember one elderly lady who had a brand new PC at home, purchased for her by her children. She had not even booted it up, and was afraid even to dust it. She overcame her fears, and went on to become a "Silver Surfer" of some ability.

Education would seem to be the key.

nah, just spiders :)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:00 16 Sep 2007

My wife won't let me teach her to use the PC (or mobile),

Will not use the internet unless my 10 year old niece is on the PC with her, they play CBeebies games together.

Niece had a mobile for her birthday and has just taught my wife to text.

I will have to get niece round to teach the wife how to use the hard drive recorder next.

  Totally-braindead 18:02 16 Sep 2007

I think almost anything can cause stress, except perhaps eating ice cream.
I know of some people who break out in a sweat at the though of having anything to do with a computer never mind going online.
I'm with Legolas I find it relaxing but I can see how some find it frightening.

  Legolas 18:27 16 Sep 2007

I think its all down to confidence if you are confident at something then you will find it relaxing if not the same thing can become stressful.

A few years ago after watching some programmes on the box about watercolor painting I thought I would try my hand, everyone I heard talking about it said how relaxing it was, so I got the gear and some books and tried it, well I was hopeless at it and rather than find it relaxing I found it very stressful and soon decided it wasn't for me.

  spuds 18:36 16 Sep 2007

I think it is a lot like making a speech to a reasonable sized audience. On the first few attempts your mouth dries up and you tend to get the sweats. After a few performances things begin to smooth out.

Perhaps similar to the setting up of the video, the younger you are the more people think you a savvy with all this new 'modern' technology, were in my younger days, it was a case of "give me a spanner, and I'll repair the car-No Problem!".

Many years ago it was Morse,then telex, then the fax, now the computer. Ask a person to send a Morse nowadays who doesn't understand that technology, and they may have serious doubts about their competence, and I think the same rules apply with computers and the internet.

Talking about education and schooling for 'silver surfers' with regards to computers. A few years ago there were many outlets for 'Frightened to use computers' courses. These type of courses now appear to be disappearing due to financial constraints on educational establishments, as most of these courses were previously free or heavily sponsored by local council's. Then there was the problem of the tutors and their personal techniques. The problem in some cases was the geek trying to teach the nerd in 10 easy lessons, and it didn't quite work out.The frightened or confused were feeling more frightened and confused or foolish of their errors.

Going back to the title " Do you know someone who is frightened" of using the internet. Yes I do. I myself could well be classed as a good typical example, when things go wrong, and there seems no simple explanation for it.

  sinbads 18:46 16 Sep 2007

I think we all have forgot what it was like when we had our first computer, its a big learning curve particulary for those that haven't had the chance to learn the skills at school.

There are plenty of basic computer courses available to start you off.

Then its a matter of reading how to books :but after this PCA provides the best free, freindly support and guidence to improve their skills.

  postie24 18:49 16 Sep 2007

Im in the process of teaching a couple aged 60 & 65 on the use of a pc and internet use.
They are enjoying it very much.

  Strawballs 19:22 16 Sep 2007

My wife did not want to know about the PC, Internet, MSN or email untill I got a laptop from work under the HCI scheme now she considers that her laptop and uses it to keep intouch with her family all over the country and has made friends through weight whatchers in the USA and canada.

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