Do you know the name of your doctor at the surgery?

  TopCat® 17:35 27 Feb 2014

This question is usually asked when in contact with a local hospital or by a chemist's dispenser querying an item on a prescription. Well, I can tell you that currently I cannot answer that question.

For over sixty years my wife and I were 'on the books' at the Mevagissey surgery here in Cornwall. Through all these years and as medical personnel came and went, we always knew our allocated doctor's name.

Having moved away to St Austell we continued for a few years to stay at that practice, but finally registered at a brand new surgery about a year ago that is quite close to us. It is a magnificent great new building with ample parking space on-site and a chemist's dispensary too. It is also a teaching practice.

Our first acceptance 'interview' was with their top rank clinician and we naturally thought that he would be our regular doctor. But we were wrong because every time we've needed to make an appointment it has never been with the same doctor.

This is a real shame because there's no chance then of building up a rapport with him or her and, to some extent, a kind of friendship; something we valued very much at the other surgery.

Anyone feel as we do on the subject? TC.

  wiz-king 17:50 27 Feb 2014

We have three doctors at my local surgery and an assortment of 'practise' nurses and I rarely see the same one twice running. I know I can make an appointment with a specific doctor if I wish but I usually take pot luck.

  john bunyan 17:55 27 Feb 2014

I have been with my local surgery for many years. My first, named, doctor was a keen "would be" surgeon. He failed to send something of mine for biopsy, with the result that some years later a recurrence has proved very serious. Other doctors at the surgery varied- one rarely spoke and tended to say "do nothing, and it will go away". Another problem remained undiagnosed for over a year. About 2 years ago a new, quite young, keen GP (30's) arrived, and I have been able to see him regularly. He is like a breath of fresh air, and my confidence in going to the surgery has improved greatly. I think it is very important to have a regular contact at the GP's surgery.

  BT 18:35 27 Feb 2014

I can't find much to complain about at my Surgery. Same day appointments normally if you call at 8am. Don't always see the same Doc for same day appointments but always the same one for my pre-booked Diabetic appointments. My wife has had exemplary attention recently, both at the Surgery and Hospital after being diagnosed with a serious problem. The Doctor actually phoned at 7pm last night to say that she had issued a prescription at the request of the Hospital, to be available for collection this morning.

  spuds 18:36 27 Feb 2014

I have been with the same practice for 45 years, or should I say building, because from those very early days, there were 3 GP's running the practice, which consisted of a daily working pattern of Monday to Friday, and one doctor taking it in turns working a Saturday morning. Originally the GP's did an after hour service, but eventually contracted this out to a company using locums. It was all a very cosy and friendly arrangement.

Over the years, GP's retired and were replaced, but everything still ran smoothly. When GP's got new contracts, everything seems to be unsettled,and even more so over the past 6/9 months, when the practice increased to nine 'partners' and two 'salaried' GP's who seem to all work part-time and marked 'on-call'. The administration staff also increased to about 12/14, again all seems to work on a part-time rosta system. Trying to get to see the same GP were once it was possible, now seems near impossible.

We even have a newly formed 'patients panel' which seems to be the latest idea, but there seems to be very little information or contact coming from that quarter as yet?.

The other thing that seems to be the 'in' thing around my neck of the woods, is how some GP's are forming new practices. Borrowing an awful lot of money or getting funding to build new premises, which usually consist of the surgery, a block of flats above, with units at the side of premises consisting of shop's, usually new pharmacy included.

  Woolwell 18:46 27 Feb 2014

I have no idea who my doctor is now. I have been with the same surgery for 10 years and have rarely seen the same one more than twice. There has just been a huge staff turnover which has made the matter worse, I hope temporarily.

  Woolwell 18:48 27 Feb 2014

BT - What is a same day appointment? The last time I had to wait more than a week.

  Aitchbee 19:36 27 Feb 2014

... everytime I pick up my repeat prescription at the reception-desk, I always take a look at the GP's inky squiggle [to make sure it has been signed] then try to decipher the mark against the list of doctor's names on the big display board outside the surgery ... it's impossible!

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:21 27 Feb 2014

Given the nature of my mental health problems, I find it helpful and much easier, to talk to the doctor, if I always see the same one. At the Milverton Surgery, in Somerset, I am able to do that so, I am happy.

  Brumas 21:43 27 Feb 2014

I must be fortunate because yes I do know his name and inevitably get to see him as and when required. If he is on holiday or has no free appointments on the day I need one I have no qualms in seeing any of the other three doctors all of which I know and are first-class.

Admittedly the population of our village is just over one thousand so the medical practice and the dental practice are big enough and more than adequate for us all.

  Forum Editor 22:29 27 Feb 2014

I am registered with a large London practice where there are eleven doctors. When you make an appointment you will be allocated to the first available doctor, unless you name a specific one, in which case you'll see that doctor at the earliest opportunity. That's normally within two weeks, unless you turn up at the surgery in the morning and wait for the first available doctor. That could mean a wait of a couple of hours.

It's not ideal, but it seems fair enough, given the circumstances in a very busy group practice.

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